Dear Lujan , 

Thanks for coming to Germany . It was a great pleasure to meet you in Belzig and a moment i have been waiting for patiently.

Even though it is not easy to put in a linear way, it feels as if we have always been dreaming this dream together beyond time.
Learning the movements of Lo Ban Pai is more a remembering than learning something new. My consciousness is flooded with multilayered perceptions still being integrated and woven on the weaving loom of eternity.

Meeting you in person definitely opened new doors.  Your presence is truly inspiring and touching. Thank you for showing the way and sharing the gifts of compassion and pure patience , enlightening our true essence. Thank you for the discipline and commitment towards your inner truth.

As you can see , feel , .. i am touched by your teachings and do my best to integrate within my living construct. This is what i have been waiting for and i am willing to go as far as wind of eternity carries my wings.

I do have a lot of questions. Most of them have to wait and ripen within for i know we will meet again.

Your presence is so familiar to me , how come?

Do you have plans coming back to Germany ?

I am still curious about this Taoist showing up in my energy field (I am the guy who trains Wudang Longmen Pai) Was it Tang Li Long?

I do not remember dreaming with him. What would be the entry that let him in and what is his intention?

…just sharing my thoughts..

Saludos Cordiales

I have a signature within my bio-field that is recognizable. I also recognized you as well. Many of my students have followed me through not only generations but lifetimes that are displaced inter-dimensionally.

The timeline that is the essence or the essential signature of Lo Ban Pai is like this. This doesn’t necessarily mean a recommencement of a student/teacher relationship.  It just means you recognize something that has deeply touched you previously.

It is difficult for my previous students from alternate lifetimes to connect by virtue of the fact that I am such a gypsy and never in one spot for too long. Maybe in later years when I settle down this will happen.

Later this week I will post an experience that one of my students had while with me in Thailand, to give you an idea of how deeply intertwined Lo Ban Pai is within the consciousness of my students and how many times it emerges in varying locations of the world and also alternate timelines. This story has been related in “Whisperings of the Dragon“.

The Golden Lotus was taught in Central America, 1500 years ago. It’s original name was the Quetzalcoatl Series. The Quetzal hand is engrave in stone in Palenque.

I was going to teach this form in the year 2012 in this region of Mexico but I decided to teach Dragon’s Tears when I was invited by students of mine who had booked the venue twelve years previously, unbeknownst to me. I taught it then. My hair was a similar color as it is now and my hands were pure white as they are now as well.

The whiteness of my hands changed when I dreamed with a man that was part of my inter-dimensional timeline activity.

At this stage I don’t have any plans to come back to Germany. We are currently planning for a Dragon’s Tears workshop in the Canary Islands in August, 2015. As soon as we have more information this will be posted on the website.

Tang Li Long was not the man I saw. It was someone else – a Wudang master.

Lo Ban Pai has not been in Wudang for around seven hundred years. There are only remnants of this art in Wudang. The black mantis hand that you were taught in the Golden Lotus has been in Wudang around three hundred years ago, and it belongs to Lo Ban Pai.

Everything has been withdrawn from the dragon system of Wudang by virtue of the fact that was secular and was only taught to small groups of individuals under great secrecy because of the power that Lo Ban Pai possesses in terms of its ability to connect to the universal chi that then can reveal the underlying eternal factor behind this great flow of energy.

There are tales or mythical stories from China of a man that will return. This is one of the ancient legends that a master waits for a child’s consciousness to be entered and the transferal of this wisdom then recommences. This has been related in the first chapter of “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception“.

This may not happen in my lifetime by virtue of the fact that I was not born Chinese this time around. Strange prejudices occur when the transferal of consciousness is stored in an alternate vessel that is not the same culture. There is recognition within the vast expanse of the omnipresence and this is all that matters.

This is why I saw the Chinese man looking through you to find me. My signature is very difficult to locate for them but I see them when they attempt to find me, even though it is through the medium of your physical body. Nevertheless this means they are very close.

Due to the fact that I am advanced in years, maybe this will or will not occur, nevertheless it doesn’t matter. What is of utmost importance is that the dragon system is now being disseminated again.

Update: Here is a link to the story of the student’s experience in Thailand from “Whisperings of the Dragon”

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