Golden Lotus Workshop
Germany, August 2014

It might be the teacher Lujan Matus who makes up everything in this place. Here you do not need to be anything, nor to show something either. You just are: body and time.

Prices are within one’s means. The number of techniques are comprehensible and even for beginners successfully to cope with.

There are no messages of salvation. What is a relief and most agreeable. During this five-day-class you do not think much. Everything is plain and simple. The teacher Lujan Matus finds the love in what he does. And if you are looking for the seam, where the multi-layered facets of his character join, you only feel a smooth, velvet fabric of protection, he lays on you.

His task consists in creating silence before and after a spoken word. With every laugh he guides you into transition. The result is release. He laughs a lot.

It seems, as if he passes a chalice on to everybody’s invisible tears, collecting and draining the cup to the last.

His magickal action is to provide everybody with creating a clear heart-space of silence and intimate fluidity, so that everybody can treasure what he or she loves and is touched by.

May the benevolent powers be with you.

In gratitude

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