Dear Lujan,

I would like to thank you as well for the wonderful workshop in which you so kindly provided so much knowledge.  It has truly been a great experience and I will write a testimonial in a few weeks.

The question I have now is: whether the movement, where you swing your arms back and forward, towards each other with your partner, to harmonise the energy between you.., could also be used to between let’s say mother and child when their relationship is troubled?  Or is an adults energy too overpowering?

Thank you,

Warm regards,

Thomas ( the Dutch biker 😉 )

The exercise that you describe is called yin-yang gong. It is used to harmonize the chi of a single person. Done towards a very old tree, any sickness that you have in your body will be absorbed.

This exercise can also be done towards large bodies of water to cool and anchor the practitioner within quietude. Additionally it can be performed while facing towards the sun if a person feels cold and weak.

It can also be used to circulate the energies between partners after intercourse to balance any excess from Tantric practices.

To answer your question about troubled relationships and this exercise, it is not advisable when there is any form of conflict to do this yin-yang gong together. It is better instead that it is done separately towards a mountain or large rocks to absorb the sadness and anger that may be lingering within the biofield.

There is nothing gained by forcing anything. Everything must come of its own accord. Harmony is reached when each finds a location to see an access point, which is the perspective that allows the perceiver to locate the position of dysfunction that is preventing harmony so as to awaken to that.

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