This post was specifically put here to allow Sven to understand his memory of inter-dimensional activity with me as outlined in the previous post, Taoist Martial Arts: The Mythical Return of the Dragon.

An excerpt from “Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Techniques to Awaken Your Primal Power“.

To give one concrete example of what may occur, and did occur in my life, in terms of multidimensional interchanges that arise during moments of synchronicity, I have included this account of an event that took place during a training session in Thailand.

I asked my student, Margel, to relate her experience of this magical occurrence that highlights possibilities far beyond what we have been taught to expect.

I was instructing her in the art of Lo Ban Pai and while we were training the form known as Dragon’s Tears, the following anomaly made itself available to both of us.



We completed the whole form of Dragon’s Tears ahead of time and on this particular day, Lujan was teaching some final refinements of the gestures I was learning. Facing one another, we performed the elegant spiraling movements of Dragon’s Tears, completely absorbed in a state of profound inner silence.

I was observing my body fluidly mirroring Lujan when I had a flash of insight that took me by surprise. It was a bodily sensation and at the same time, a feeling of déjà vu. It struck me that I had done this before with him, and yet, in this lifetime, I had not met Lujan until now.

As soon as this perception came upon me, Lujan immediately spoke, “You young whippersnappers! Here I am teaching you once again,” he said, laughing at my astonishment.

Though I didn’t say a word about what I had seen, he further confirmed what I was realizing by stating that he had had a vision of us in Tibet, performing the movements in a room full of flickering candles, hundreds of years ago. When we finished the Dragon’s Tears he discussed with me how the memory came to him upon the moment of my déjà vu.

He had seen a complete picture within the mirror hanging on the wall behind me and to the left. He then proceeded to show me exactly how he came upon this interdimensional glimpse that belonged to both of us, by asking me to stand where he had been standing while we were practicing, and directing me to peripherally gaze at the mirror.

What I saw was the reflection of the curtain in the room with sunlight shining through it. As I kept on looking, my peripheral vision came into focus and the scene of the flickering lights appeared, not in the mirror but on my right side, as if the fire was still burning at that moment!

I was flooded with questions at the end of the session. After this experience I became a true enigma, even to myself. How could I be there, in Tibet, in another time continuum, doing Dragon’s Tears with Lujan, and simultaneously be here, on an island in Thailand, learning what Lujan calls shamanism?

The question begged to be answered: Who am I really? And how can that past life feel like it is still happening?


Shamanic Gateways To Eternity

This spontaneous event gives a clear example of how the present moment continuum releases pertinent information when we avail ourselves to the mysteriousness of that moment that is continually escaping us.

What manifested related to a time-space continuum that had previously taken place, around two hundred and sixty years ago, wherein I was teaching my student this movement form in Tibet. The influx of information had to do with the fact that we were both empty enough to receive our symbiotic memory.

The whole sequence was absolutely recognizable via the fact that the déjà vu was realized by the two of us simultaneously. The social paradigm that surrounds talking was replaced by an act of seeing.

This is why it is so vitally important to communicate what you become aware of and finally relinquish your socially bound attention, so that the true manifestation of Spirit can intervene; not by our request but on our behalf.

Eternity communicates with us because we are it and it is us. Awakening our potential increasingly avails us to these omens. We must develop our full capacity to recognize when and how the unknown presents itself to us, and this has very much to do with letting go of what you socially expect.

Gestures externally manifest yet are internally revealed, through our primal ability to recognize the true feelings that arise as a symbiotic happening, to witness and receive as insight.

When you understand that these gestures are of you and for you, you begin to see the not-doings of your internal and external self, communicating as an all-pervading omnipresence. Then you will become aware of being interdimensionally connected to an enormous grid.