Below is a question asked of me in the Parallel Perception Forum in the thread: Triggered Site.

I recently left my country to travel.

On the first day of arriving at the new destination, it was simply magical. The place is amazing and I felt incredibly good.
On the second day, I felt a very powerful blow that manifested through much confusion, fear and incertitude. It took me about two days to get better. The feeling passed as I regained my energy and all the certitude and magic came back, while I remembered that the choice to travel was taken with my entire heart.

I looked into this as much as I was able to. I soon recognized that it had to do with my parents.

Then, I saw this article about Lujan’s double.

Lujan explained how Leia’s father was feeding off her energy through an imprint. After looking at this, I felt it was exactly the same situation.

There was one even in my childhood that immediately emerged through silence.
I was about 8 years old and me and my dad went to a friend of his who had a game console. I used to love it and play for hours. My dad did not drink except for special occasions. It so happened to be such an occasion that night. One glass of wine led to another and so on, while I was happily playing video games. My dad was “cheerful” beyond measure and I was getting worried. At some point I asked him on and on to leave but he wasn’t paying attention. At some point I told him I will leave by myself and simply left. He did not hear me. It was night and I got home very fast as the place was close by. My dad returned one or two hours later. He was raging. He had sobered up and realized I wasn’t there. He panicked and started looking for me all around the neighbourhood. When he got home he gave me an old-school bottom spanking with his belt. While he was doing it, I could feel the confusion in him. A part of him did not want to hurt me but at the moment he was so enraged that he felt he had to punish me. The way he hit was not hard at all. It was the only time he ever hit me and he never drunk while I was with him again (no excuses, just facts). The beating was a facade, what really hurt me was the rage he had and the unfairness I felt.

After that I felt that he has crossed a line with me, punishing me for his own irresponsibility. I was old enough to judge him in such a way.

I remembered this because to my knowledge it was the only time I got punished for leaving on my own accord. It wasn’t rational though, I don’t even remember how this memory popped up but I wasn’t looking for it.

A few years back, I lived in another country for 8 months. What I felt two days ago reminded me very much of that time. I was engulfed with fear and incertitude and a feeling of doom.

I would like to know more on how this energetic theft occurs based on an old imprint and how exactly the connection between the one who made the imprint and the imprinted one, works. By doing something that triggered that old wound, how exactly is the one who left the imprint, feeding off the person who was wounded? I don’t even know if there is more to be explained here than that but I would be interested to hear it if there is.


When a preoccupation arrives inside the body consciousness it burns that location as if it were on fire, utilizing the essence of silence for its energy. This is not the assemblage point. As you know I have written extensively about this and have discovered – not only through my own explorations but through the extensive experiences of other seers that I am in contact with – that it doesn’t exist.

If the available silence does not burn with a preoccupation, which is a localized position in the multidimensional aspects of our consciousness, then our consciousness will evolve to literally ignite when we are free of such things. The trick is not to be concerned, yet our initial concern alerts us to where we are held.

It is best to draw vital distance until the preoccupation becomes an unconcerned observation where the original body consciousness will find delight by virtue of being freed from that fixation. If the consciousness of the individual is not freed and is held fixed by that localized site of fixation, then a gamut of unusual problems will arise as a mixed edifice that uses every element of trickery to sustain itself in connection to the localized fixation that is burning.

As this burning sustains itself it uses all aspects that are available in terms of a persons ability to recreate and adapt the dysfunction as a functional unit so as to draw attention away from the actual edifice that bolsters ones self-importance.

I welcome any more questions to further elaborate on this subject.

As you can see in the thread in Parallel Perception there is extensive information about the didactic device that Juan Matus called the assemblage point. It is all there so that one can discover who they aren’t, thereby finding out who they really are, which in actuality is nowhere to be found.

I will elaborate further about this tomorrow if there are any more questions.

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