What if, one day when you are chopping the ingredients for cooking a meal you would instead decide to serve them as they are? Well, carrots are eatable even in their raw state. They bring many vitamins in the body and they are rather tasty. But besides apples, oranges and the other fruit, what else would you eat without cooking it first?

This is mainly the idea of raw food diets. More than 5 million years ago Lucy appeared on earth. She and all her descendants would feed on fruit, roots or on raw meat for a very long period of time. This period could be defined in a visual way by parting the entire human history in 20 shares. The first nineteen shares are dedicated to raw food, while the last one is marked by the cooked meals with the help of fire.

Although that part represents some 250000 years, it is still amazing how people have thrived on raw food for so many years. This represents the scientific basis of this diet. Vegans were already more attentive to what they fed their bodies with. But raw foodism has taken that to the next level. The aliments included in these diets are mainly fruit, seeds, nuts, vegetables, seaweed and freshly squeezed juices.

When you start this diet you need to research it thoroughly. Otherwise you could get nutritional deficiencies. To avoid that many of these persons have included in their menu eggs, fish and meat. Another element of their diets is sometimes milk in its unprocessed form.

Detoxification of the body is the major advantage of the raw food diets. As you can imagine, since you have eaten for so long food with a certain toxic content, that process could be a little painful. Still, it is worth going through it, because it offers great results. You will gain in energy level while you will lose fat in an accelerated rhythm. Add to that the fact that the risk of heart diseases diminishes, too. Even if in this diet you have to eat large amounts of food, some people could appreciate that.