Firstly I would like to say, take a look at the picture below. What do you realize? What do you think the hidden meaning is behind all the Buddhist statues?

I have inherited a very old shamanic lineage. Nevertheless this means nothing unless there are keys to unlock these hidden worlds.

I would like to talk about Quantum Shamanism and the reality surrounding this statement.

A friend of mine told me that an associate was going to start a dreaming group. Like-minded souls that come together under the idea that they were brought together as incarnated beings therefore representing this idea as a viable vehicle of the growth of consciousness.

I immediately said this won’t work. I firstly said Carlos Castaneda tried this and after twenty years of exploration in the dreaming realm or second attention it was reported that they had minimal success. This doesn’t mean that he didn’t have personal power. Obviously he did. His stories and his name have been on millions of people’s lips and imaginations.

So I proceeded to say to my friend, how can this possibly work when the people that are joined together have this idea that is only validated through their need to be recognized as advanced souls coming together to express their evolutionary status through their capacity to manifest a reality outside of the one that they live in?

Here is where I said, this is their first mistake and this mistake that quasi-shamans have made for millennium is that they wish to affect the outcome through the influence of their attention on a reality that will only reflect the very machinations of that daily attention upon the second attention, which will only magnify and distort itself through that transition from waking to sleeping and then from sleeping to awakened consciousness. The reason for this is that one wishes to influence what cannot be influenced. Thus the dilemma of the modern shaman.

I said to my friend that the secret is much more obvious than what they expect.

When I have people come and visit me for Shamanic Healing or whatever they may learn in the repertoire of shamanic movements I have to offer, they are always confronted and they wonder why their secrets are so available to me. I say to them that it is because I am remote viewing the past content of their visual imagery. This becomes available as a holographic template that has information stored within it.

Now I didn’t wish to see this. It just made itself available to me and by virtue of this I have access to the locations. For my students that I speak to over Skype this is very disconcerting.

Nevertheless that is the reason why they contact me: To experience something other than social banter.

The point I am getting to here is that the reason why the explorations into dreaming do not work for the most part is that one cannot peer into and demand what they peer into to comply. It will change in comparison and adapt and this is determined by the attention that is focused. Yet the manifestation of what appears holographically in the dream attention is never the same as the attention of the dreamer. Thus their dilemma.

So the secret is; we must wait, with an unfettered mind that does not speak to itself, for an image to appear as a holographic unit of information that views us, thus changing the fundamental essence of ourselves in terms of realizing what information has been sent to us by virtue of the fact that we are being viewed. Thus changing the oldest predicament that a shaman, in terms of quantum physics, has been faced with for millennium.

It is the spirit that views us and when we recognize that we are being watched through a holographic image, wherever it appears in whatever form it presents itself, this changes us instead of us changing it. When this happens the dreaming body, or the double, will rush to the center of our being fourth dimensionally and this alignment will give us access to the dimensional matrix that is the eye of the universe and here is where our true dreaming begins and we are awake when this occurs.

Juan Matus, the Tenant and the old nagual Lujan were extremely aware of this very subtle factor and this is what I have brought to my readers in Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation.

To come back to the picture at the top of this post; the buddha always has his eyes closed. He is being viewed so he may see himself, and when seeing himself he sees everything else in comparison to what makes itself available at the moment that escapes him. Thus the ability to speak comes about from what one sees.

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