Dear Lujan,

I want to share this with you.

Three days ago, I saw a comment on one of your posts in which somebody asked if something will happen on the 8th and you replied it was a special day for you.

That night I discovered something lost. I would describe it as profound inner silence. A truly beautiful state. What happened before going to sleep is that I gazed like I used to, many years ago, at the window, at the trees and plants outside. Then I went to bed and the most beautiful and profound blue hue started pulsating around me, in waves. I felt connected to something divine. It reminded of the state I was drawn into when I looked at your left eye (if you remember, at some point I touched the wall to check if I was still in the living construct) and it also reminded me of entering that black void again. Then, for some reason I said in my head “Malayian, Don Juan?” and then the hue went away. And I felt not ready for something. I was left with the feeling that there are elusive desires in me that I need to dissolve by being of service to others, by completely removing the “I want” part in me, the ego, the need for being somewhere on a hierarchical level. But I also felt very good and understood, as if it didn’t matter how long it would take me to do this task, I had to do it. And I will.

Just now, I entered the same silence, and I saw something with wings. I perceived it as a moth. Then it dissapeared when my mind acknowledged what it saw. Again, I tried to reach that state and I almost did. It was the same, the more I would empty my mind, the more I would not “want” to see something, I would see start seeing the wings again. Then I got up and wrote this 🙂

For the past 5 days I keep feeling a strange sensation on my left part of the face. A warmth.

I do not know what to make of this but it is okay. I feel more complete than I ever felt in years.
I keep seeing from where each preoccupation “starts to burn” and I can calm myself on the spot by reaching the same inner silence.

I can’t wait to see you again.

Lotsa love,

Yes Chris the date was significant for me and it is significant for many people, even if they don’t realize the significance of their change of consciousness. Nevertheless, you are a prime example of this change in attention.

We are moving very rapidly towards a major shift. Your experiences reflect this phenomena occurring. It is not the physical manifestation of UFO’s that necessitates this change, once again as everyone can see through your experience.

I have had access to a very profound feeling since I was in my early thirties and I had a major contact occur then. This feeling reflected the heightened intelligence that our visitors possess and I know with absolute assurredness that for aliens to be faced with human consciousness when their way of being is in this elevated state makes it near impossible for communion until we change as a collective.

Even though the subject matter in your email creates my reflection upon your recapitulation, it is evident that we are changing one by one. Yet this manifestation does not verify the existence of the alien phenomena that has been elucidated on UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock as far is what is expected, thus giving credence to the old saying, “expect the unexpected”.

Another reader has asked me a question about this phenomena and I will answer this question tomorrow. If you have any questions about my post, please go ahead.

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