The Truth Of The Heart Is Emerging

How beautiful this journey of life truly is!

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Online Spiritual Guidance – Special Group Event in May

Spiritual Guidance program commences May 16th.

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Dedicating Every Day To Gratitude

A universe has opened during our time together.

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Shamanic and Esoteric Practices for Energy and Healing

The necessity of a path with a heart

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Being In Truth – Spiritual Guidance

Intuitive wisdom from Lujan Matus.

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Applying Mindfulness Meditation Techniques of Being, Knowing and Not-Doing

Spiritual Guidance program commences April 11th.

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Online Spiritual Guidance: Special Offer for Group Programs in April

The next program commences on April 11th.

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Shadow Fist Kung Fu: Advanced Techniques

Fortifies the warrior in the pursuit of spiritual growth.

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