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Testimonial – Lo Ban Pai

I had been inspired by the books of Carlos Castaneda for many years, having read them cover to cover many times, but I was following an Enlightenment teacher who’s perspective and practice were very different, so I struggled for a long time to find a unifying principle that would help me bind what I recognized from my then teacher with the calling of shamanic practices that I felt almost bodily.

It wasn’t until I came across the books of Lujan Matus that the connection was made. Reading him question boldly but clearly the value of some of the work Castaneda was engaged in I realized that he was pointing out the value and necessity of a path with a heart above all. Clearly he had knowledge of shamanistic and esoteric practices that I had been looking for and to my amazement he was even giving workshops of his teachings.

I first followed the Three Treasures workshop in Thailand. Sitting with other students in the canteen the night before we were chatting and anticipating the start of the course when a huge black Scorpion proceeded to walk right through the middle of the space. Someone deftly scooped it up and brought it to safety. Apparently the symbolistic meaning translated as; the shaman is coming.

Lujan strikes an impressive figure. He commanded the space without being imposing in any way, although strangely I found it somehow difficult to see him or focus on him in the beginning.

Learning Lo Ban Pai was not easy for me at first but it was joyful and incredibly energizing. After each session I was bouncing around happily as if I had just had three double espressos.

Part of the Three Treasures is composed of coiling motions and at one moment as Lujan was demonstrating the movements I clearly felt the energy that he was building and moving, suddenly moving in my body too, I had never had a similar experience before but it would not be the last time when working with Lujan that such experiences would occur.

The Three Treasures are aptly named for I felt I had been given a gift and the door to Lo Ban Pai had been opened for me.

About a year or so later I learned the Whispering Palms sequence. It was different in nature to the previous movements. Very soft and gentle, bringing a different energy which was both grounding and peaceful. After returning home I would often practice the Three Treasures in the morning and Whispering Palms in the evening but irrefutably Lo Ban Pai was becoming a central part of my life and Lujan and his teachings a firm guiding principle.

This summer I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Sedona and learn the Gravity Series, Opening the Tao and Awakening the Energy Body. It was without a doubt one of the most profound and unifying experiences of my life.

As I write this now I feel a profound gratitude to Lujan, his teaching and his very loving guidance. His sweetness and non-judgement have been instrumental in helping me find my way back to myself and I mean the that with the deepest sincerity and humility.

I truly am at loss how to impart how powerful and positive the movements are. Awakening the Energy Body, which physically is quite demanding, feels like a bedrock on which the other movements sit as they fill me with Cosmic and Earth energy, revitalizing and healing me. After my practice I can feel profound peace or energized and almost euphoric.

Lujan’s teaching on the Empathic perspective speaks to me at a deep level, of my true nature and my potential. Lujan embodies that which he teaches and because he does this with great integrity he is able to transmit his heart path teachings simply by his presence.

Being with Lujan is joyful. He is gracious and generous and full of humor. Seeing him each day was a delight and I felt like a sponge absorbing both knowledge and love. And although he can sometimes be confronting he does so with much love and care, with his eye all the time focused on your highest potential and humanity.

Since working with Lujan I am in touch with a deep happiness which I know to be my true self. It wouldn’t be possible to put a price on this.

Thank you Lujan.


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