Enhance Your Lo Ban Pai Practice

We’re excited to announce that Lujan will soon be offering a new program in Rebounder Training. 

The Rebounder program perfectly complements all of the other Lo Ban Pai sequences. It will facilitate greater awareness of how energy flows throughout the body and enhance your experience of your Lo Ban Pai practice. 

This program is also appropriate for students without previous experience in Lo Ban Pai as it opens up the possibility of becoming familiar with internal elasticity through increasing awareness of the kinetic chains within the body.

The Lo Ban Pai Rebounder movements will set a unique foundation to support everyone in their internal awakening and the process of spiritual liberation. It will help you understand the hidden field of perception that you can only discover when instructed to notice it. You will also gain a greater awareness of the relationship between the body and the highly subtle forces surrounding us.

Rebounding also offers incredible health benefits by supporting lymphatic drainage, which helps the body flush out toxins so your immune system can function optimally. It also builds healthy bone density and muscle tone while being gentle on the joints. 

Here is the link where you can find the rebounder that Lujan recommends:

Bellicon Rebounder

This brand is unique because it uses bungee cords rather than springs. The bungees make for a softer bounce that is gentler on the joints while boosting benefits for detox and lymphatic cleansing. It is also much quieter than rebounders with metal springs. 

It’s best to get at least 44 inches, so you have plenty of room. The classic model is all you need. 

For the legs, it’s really a matter of preference. The folding legs make it easier to store when you are not using it. But the screw-in legs are pretty easy to remove if you want. Lujan prefers the screw-in legs if you have plenty of room to store the rebounder when you’re not using it. 

Also, for the bungee strength, the medium offers slightly more benefits for the lymphatic system. 

For the exercises that Lujan teaches, the bounces are very gentle, so there is no need to get any stronger unless you weigh over 250 pounds. In that case, you may prefer strong bungee cords. You can chat with the support staff via the above link for further advice in that situation.

The Rebounder Training Program will only be offered in small group training with a maximum of six students to allow for individualized tuition.

Please register below if you would like to be involved in this new online program.

Lujan looks forward to sharing this essential component of his personal Lo Ban Pai practice with you. 

We are currently opening up two opportunities to undertake this five-day program. Classes take place online on Monday to Friday from 12 noon to 3 pm Arizona time. Here are the available class times:

August 29th-September 2nd

September 26th-30th

The cost for this program is $1595, with a maximum of six students in each course. Since positions are limited, we recommend reserving your place as soon as possible. 

Please register via the link below and leave a note with your preference of dates: