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Testimonial - Gravity Series & Opening the Tao

About four years ago I suffered a loss that put me into that perfect crossroads- go down or go up.  I started looking for emotional relief from my pain and found brand new tools and concepts I had never used before- meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Shamanism, yoga, awareness, enlightenment, and other “taboo” things that were foreign to me as a Baptist New Yorker.

The peace I found from meditation was indescribable. Now I was hooked. I downloaded every book I could find on Audible and was reading three to four books a week! I think I earned an Eastern Philosophy degree from all of the reading I did!

In July 2021 an Audible advertisement popped up on my phone – a book you might like- by Lujan Matus.  By August I had read all of his books and scheduled to meet him for his Lo Ban Pai training.

To me, it seems like the 7 chakras are so popular here in the States, and the dantiens are ignored or less understood.  I spent two weeks with Lujan activating my lower dantien, fascia, and energy channels.  I have been home for five days.  I work full-time and have kids, but I still do my practice twice a day for almost two hours a day.

I have never felt more alive.  I feel the energy moving through my body.  I feel my mind quieting and my heart opening.  My body is changing. My energy is up.  I see things much more clearly.  I feel the silent witness in me.  I avoid stress and drama naturally.  This is powerful.

This is the most powerful teaching and training I have ever experienced.  I will be back to train with Lujan at least twice a year until he leaves the earth or kicks me out of his classes!

I wish my experience was everyone’s experience and I hope you are led to meet Lujan as I was.  If you feel a drawing towards his teachings or maybe something you read in one of his books really resonated with you, follow your heart and find a way to work with him in person.

All of my love,

We are currently accepting registrations for small group training in Lo Ban Pai for 2021 & 2022 in Sedona, Arizona. These courses are for five days each and involve a maximum of four students to allow for individualized tuition. Upcoming availability is as follows:

The Gravity Series – December 13th-17th

Opening the Tao – December 20th-24th

Please register via the link below: