Testimonial: Online Lo Ban Pai Training

When considering the abilities of an artist to express the seemingly inexpressible, stirring something within the observer which is simultaneously foreign and yet so familiar, I began to wonder how I might define the art that comes from a teacher such as Lujan Matus?

Perhaps one way to put it is an unwavering devotion toward compassionate service to others. However, it is always tricky to attempt to assign words and concepts to that which does not arise through a process of syntax but rather appears momentarily from a place that is undefinable and yet may be glimpsed as an expression of the heart.

Since becoming aware of Lujan, first through his books, and then interacting with him both in-person and online, there have been many subtle shifts in my awareness that allow me to progressively open to deeper layers of what in essence are very simple teachings and ways of being and yet profoundly impactful when put into practice.

In my experience, and what is beautifully conveyed through his most recent publication The Power of Emptiness – Being, Knowing and Not-Doing, it is not what Lujan will do for you but rather what he will not-do that fosters new insights that reveal themselves through your individual process of awakening.

Looking into the expressions of a master such as Lujan we may find an emptiness, which beckons all to come forth within the moment that demands it. In other words, the art of not doing, in practice, delivering what is pertinent to be understood through an unbiased vehicle that is filled with love for all those within which it is reflected.

When we gaze into a still pond what is often seen gazing back is that which we have inserted ourselves through a fixed bias and expectations. However, to look into the pond and see something other than what we expect requires one to let go of the reflection and become engulfed by the abyss that is continually observing us. Such are the lessons that are continually revealing themselves anew to the devoted.

In terms of learning the art of Lo Ban Pai, the benefits of being able to visit with Lujan in person are great. However, as with my more recent experiences online, I have found an increased sensitivity throughout our sessions which has shown me that there is a specific transmission that can also be felt remotely, and this seems to be amplified by ones ability to drop into their body and connect on a level of feeling. This becomes important in that one may begin to experience straight away the subtleties that slowly unravel through devotion to one’s practice.

Life is beautiful when stripped back to the essential elements. As expressed by the words lovingly conveyed from a master to his disciples and a guide through this most interesting journey we are faced with: “You do your practice and then you live your life, other than that, just be your simple loving self, that is all that really matters”.
Thank you Lujan for all that you are and all you are not.

With love,

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