Testimonial: Online Spiritual Guidance

Lujan Matus is my core mentor and the one whom has revolutionized the clarity of my perception. His presence has inspired the most profound refinement of my integrity and the consolidation of my path of purpose.

I first came into contact with Lujan’s work when I saw a short video of him enacting the Dragon’s Tears movement. Upon seeing his motion, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I had just witnessed that which would alter my trajectory of awareness dramatically from here forth. It shifted my body consciousness instantaneously and permanently.

From that moment, I was compelled to read his books, to assimilate more of his wisdom. I began with The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception. Reading this book, my entire system was rearranged in order to receive the truth of his experience.

It was an embodied voyage into a whole layer of awareness in myself, that had previously been veiled. My rational mind was dissolved within my remembrance of a trust so deep that I needed not to ‘think’. I was transported to my true knowing. Many portions of my own energetic signature were returned to me — an awakening of crystal clear cosmic attunement.

I continued to read all of his books over the course of the next couple of years, reading them multiple times, and discovering more treasure within his work and within myself each time. Every read peeled back more layers of distortion and illuminated my intuitive guidance.

One of the key components that impacted me, was the purification of all self-deception and illusion. I found myself in contact with an undeniable truth that eradicated all lies, dishonesty, and manipulation.
It allowed me to see and feel that this state was indeed possible.

And within that, I knew that I had to dedicate myself to releasing all deception from my own system and committing myself, first and foremost, to what I now knew to be the real experience of integrity. This with which I had never come into contact at any point throughout my life prior to Lujan’s transmission.

This is significant to note. That I had traversed reality from childhood without an indicator of real integrity – continually surrounded by warped social programmings – and the sensation of distrust that results from this. So to finally locate this state was akin to locating a luminous thread of gold within a mountainous haystack of grey tangled wires.

I found myself in focused devotion to his teachings as the resonance I now knew was of unparalleled sincerity. I ceased searching for further knowledge in other books/modalities because I simply didn’t require it anymore.

His emanation returned me to an impeccable void space from which all innate knowing organically emerges: a continual communion with the divine intelligence of pure consciousness itself. The metamorphosis that I have undergone within my time of interacting with Lujan’s teachings is rich, rewarding, and remarkable.

He is a rarity. And I have utmost reverence to all that he is and all that he has cultivated. I have not yet had the opportunity to train with him in person, though I very much intend to do so.

I had a one-on-one online session with him that was simply the most valuable hour of exchange in which I have ever chosen to invest; a time of equal parts innocent delight and masterful musings. The fragrant petals of my perception unfurl in tenderness through his ongoing guidance and I know that they will continue to do so for the duration of my lifetime.

Thank you Lujan Matus for the offerings you place with such grace and humility upon the altar of this earth. I stand with you in awe of the shared heart that blossoms us all into being.’

In Presence,

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