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Testimonial - The Gravity Series

I read Lujan’s books in 2018 and thought that I understood the material.  Revisiting them earlier this year, I saw them in a totally new light as layered, multidimensional tools. How they were so different the second and third time around just blew my mind.

I was extremely excited, and at the same time, in awe and speechless.  Lujan is a Master at delivering ancient wisdom in current, relevant language that is beautiful, abstract, and simple, simultaneously.

After reading all of his works several times, I was left with a deep longing to meet him in person.  I flew to Sedona to take part in the Gravity Series. Upon seeing me, Lujan gave me a big hug, looked at me, then shared several insights he had regarding my health and diet. He must have been seeing me on a deeper level than just the physical to access this and be so accurate.

I had been a strict raw vegan, denying myself things that I still wanted to enjoy (cooked vegan food) but felt I needed to eat a raw diet to truly be on my path. I had been wrestling with this personal internal dilemma for years…

My interaction with Lujan that first day left me feeling informed and confident in a way that I had never experienced before.  I was able to relax my rigid standards of behavior and release old habits that no longer served me.  Lujan helped me realize that discernment and moderation are key and that life is to be lived and enjoyed.

I’ve been home for almost two weeks now, and I’m enjoying everything so much more since visiting Lujan.  I feel good on every level about the choices I make. I still love raw food but I also enjoy cooked foods now. Working with him made me realize that it’s not necessary to be so rigid. I was able to let go, trust myself and finally, truly be free.

Attending Gravity was like learning to communicate in another language –  the original primal one that we have been programmed by society to forget.  I spent the better part of the past 30 years of my life trying to figure out something that I wasn’t even 100% sure really existed.  I would have epiphanic moments, only to find myself lost again.  Understanding something intangible and navigating the Unknown is tricky at best, and downright maddening at worst.

Working with Lujan and learning Lo Ban Pai helped me expedite a process that would have been difficult, if not impossible, without his guidance. There is way more to life than meets the eye, and I’m so grateful that Lujan sees it, gets it, and really wants to teach us how to rise above the mundane to discover what is real.

Arriving in Sedona, I felt confident in myself and my spirituality. I thought I knew exactly who and what I was. In my daily life as a cowgirl and a photojournalist, I was very self-assured.  Well, by day three, I found myself crying in the middle of the night in my hotel room – literally, sobbing – because of the vast realization that I had no clue who or what I was, or what was going on. By the end of the week on day five, I felt more grounded than ever with a quiet sense of confidence.

The movements Lujan teaches are beautiful, fluid, and feel very good to do.  I found myself challenged and they push one’s limits – physically, mentally, and energetically, but I felt much more fit by the end of the week, in all three areas. I do recommend booking a place that has a tub and buy lots of Epsom salts. I think the fact that I soaked in a hot bath daily helped my body detox and kept me from getting muscle soreness.

Lujan is very compassionate and has a keen sense of humor.  He’s a lot of fun to be around and work with.  I laughed hard, and I cried hard a few times too.  While laid-back and low-key, he is also very direct and to the point.  He has no filter. His honesty and humility are humbling.

Under his guidance, I was able to realize that I have some triggers that were in my blind spot.  With a little tough love, Lujan helped me identify these weaknesses.  Through some very direct communication, coupled with loving-kindness and acceptance, he showed me how this made me vulnerable.  While it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to experience, I am eternally grateful to him.  Lujan was the one after all these years who finally got through to me.

The week went by too fast.  What a great opportunity it was to study with him personally.  I highly recommend Gravity and Lujan is the real deal.  I’m already looking at the schedule and figuring out when I’ll be able to go back and study with him again.



We are currently accepting registrations for small group training in Lo Ban Pai for 2021 in Sedona, Arizona. These courses are for five days each and involve a maximum of four students to allow for individualized tuition. Upcoming availability is as follows:

The Gravity Series – July 19th-23rd

The Gravity Series – August 23rd-26th

Opening the Tao – August 30th-September 3rd

For those who are unable to attend training in person, we have availability for Online Spiritual Guidance commencing on June 22nd. This is available as individual sessions or we also offer reduced rates for a series of five sessions. Please register below.