Through my life I have trained very hard to manifest not only the appropriate amount of energy to sustain a progressive consciousness, but also to keep my physical form intact so that I may live a long and happy life.

I stopped eating meat for the very same reasons that Hugh Jackman has; being concerned about obvious outcomes, hormones, antibiotics, the putrifaction process.

When I was eating meat I was training six hours a day. When I went raw vegan it took me a six month transitional phase to get used to digesting plant matter. Once this was set in motion, I not only became clearer, but physically stronger.

Now I train eight hours a day. Sometimes getting up at 2 o’clock in the morning to train because I was awake and feeling vital.

The raw food diet has changed my physical form. More dense and compact muscles sustain me in a way that I wish I would have been a raw foodist all my life.

But nevertheless everybody is realizing that we can’t keep proceeding and surviving as a species if we don’t consider the impact our dietary habits have on our planet and on our personal health, which equates to our personal and collective perceptions.

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