The second week with Lujan we spent the evenings gazing. The first time we watched him I quickly became aware of a serpentine energy as he began to move. It was moving from the ground at his feet, straight up through his body. Then I watched as the chi weaved around him and began to expand through his energy field in intricate flowing patterns, it was delicate, yet strong and beautiful. Then a presence presented itself quite still on the left flank of his body, it was an eagle. Later someone knocked on the door and the stillness was broken as the eagle energy jumped into action towards the door, then it settled back again. Each time Lujan bent over I was aware of a large presence about 10ft tall behind him, I initially felt it was a man, but could not make out more than it was just extremely strong and protective like a guardian.

Later Lujan told me it was his benefactor and he showed me the tattoo of the eagle on his left arm, a gift of protection from his benefactor.

The second night I was in the dragon realm. I was aware of three dragons swimming tightly around Lujan’s body, for the first while, then they softly melded into his body. Later a much bigger dragon came to his right hand side and settled there watching him. The energy of the dragon’s was so beautiful, I could feel the strength if love that they carry.

Lujan also showed us a few exercises from his upcoming book and on one occasion a singing bowl completely disappeared from sight. Later that night an entire star disappeared from sight for over a minute.

Cape Town
South Africa