My first moment of meeting Lujan was quite an amusing one.

My friend and I were waiting at the meeting place, when a tall, gentle presence suddenly appeared in front of us. I found myself looking into bright, smiling eyes as we got up to great him. I was instantly enveloped by a sense of absolute comfort.

My mind was a little confused as this man could not be over 40 and I knew the Nagual was older than that, so I came to the conclusion that he must be the Naugual’s son. Only when we got back to the house did I realize after a short while, that this was actually Lujan. I was fascinated by the lightness that shone his face. As I became familiar with his home I felt how right it was to be there. Finally I had found a teacher that I could truly trust, I had no doubts, my intuition was completely aware of the integrity and unconditional love that this man emanated.

My mind was in a little shock that this experience was really happening. For me, actually trusting a person enough to really let go, was like prying open an ancient rusted treasure chest. Each moment that I spent with Lujan it became easier and easier.

Time did not seem to exist when we were working, I felt like I was evolving a millennia in every hour. Lujan works with such grace and ease. I processed through more “stuff” in those two weeks than I had within the ten previous years. Spending time with Lujan was the first time in my life that I felt truly safe, I was beginning to get a sense of what it was to actually be free.

As soon as we started learning the Dragon Tears my body immediately knew the vibration and the movements. This was the spiritual movement form that I had been waiting for since I was 18 years old.

While we were practicing it became more and more visually clear how the energy was moving around Lujan’s body. Later I began to see the blue light of the threads flashing for brief moments. Each time we practiced one particular movement I experienced the whole room move swiftly to the right about 30cm and back again, like a glitch in the matrix. After this happened for the third time I expressed to Lujan what I was experiencing. Lujan explained that this was my double moving ahead of me. Many times, especially when we were working at clearing imprints, the texture of the room softened and took on a golden glow, everything physical seemed to fade away into the golden energy.

When the Nagual confronted me with the areas of my life that I had been lying to myself and others, with the deep levels of compromise that I had been carrying, I knew that I had a choice….I could back peddle….or I could surrender. The surrender was not to him, it was to my own beautiful, sensitive sovereignty, so letting myself fall was the only way. I had been waiting for a long time to do this work, to plummet through the shadow, into the center of my being. I was finally on the journey towards my true self.

Over the last ten months of practicing the tears, I have been on a roller-coaster ride through the layers of imprints that I have accumulated over my life. The journey has been a little pendulum swinging from resistance to relief. The more I shine a light on the shit, the more the shadow fights. The one thing that I can say is that the Tears truly do bring one towards oneself. They churn up the imprints and show them to you clearly, right in front of your face. The Tears help you to build the strength and clarity to shed away the onion skins and begin to know your truth on deeper and deeper levels.

There is no room for compromise, there is no more ability to bullshit oneself and others, there is just the journey of truth and it is beautiful. I am so fortunate that my closest friends have now also been through this profound process and we have each other as clear and supportive mirrors. And of course no matter where Lujan is in the world he is just an email away.

Cape Town
South Africa