Listen to the latest interview with Lujan where he discusses concepts from his new book.

Welcome to this very special episode of Masters of the Matrix. I had the honor and privilege to interview a magical and mystical being by the name of Lujan Matus. Lujan is a published author, a Master Intuitive Empath, A Master Shaman, teacher, and guide.

A true genius of the heart. I personally have read (or listened to) almost all of his books over the years, many more than once. He is someone that truly inspires me to be my best and so I am in absolute gratitude that he was able to spend time with me and my listeners. Like his books, this is an episode you will probably want to listen to more than once to get a deeper understanding of his wisdom.

We discuss many things including his brand new book, The Power of Emptiness. We also discuss some of the challenges that humanity and Mother Earth are facing at this time (and more). A must to listen to.

His latest book, The Power of Emptiness is simply powerful. I wholeheartedly recommend it if you are ready to find your truth, power, and purpose.

Greg Em