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Question Time With Lujan

I’ve been using the question Who Am I? randomly throughout the day. Is this a good question to work with?

You shouldn’t ask who you are at all. You should be exactly who you are without the question. The only thing we can really look at is who are you? Not who were you or who will you be.

It’s in the moment that you are interchanging with that you discover yourself in the midst of it. You’ve either got a possibility of knowing what’s going on from the other person to discover who you are because of the impact. Or silently watch without interfering the best you can.

Who Am I? is basically the person you are communicating with that arrives inside of you, and you become that person’s full impact inside of you so that you become that person. So who are you from a human perspective is diffused into the person, and this is empathic communion.

For you to find out who you are, you have to actually allow someone else to enter you and discover who they are. This allows you to speak your own truth or the momentum of your capacity to be in two places at once simultaneously. Because you are the other person, and you are yourself immediately.

There is no difference between you and the other person ever. It’s just that we’ve built the prospect of separation and division to allow us to think that we have our individual privacy and identity.

No matter where you are, you are always simultaneously somewhere else in every single aspect of your existence – and your existence is everything.

We’ve got to take baby steps as you open up, and then you become subject to your environment, and your environment grows within you, and you are educated by your environment.

This frequency has certain limitations within it, and you have to act within those limitations, then you graduate from those limitations and then move forward until you become capable of feeling more and more.

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