Scanning the chapter titles for clues on how to introduce this incredible book, I see a treasure trove of perceptual seeds,

now alive and fertile in my consciousness, ready to bloom anew within every moment.

To witness the Old Sage guide his young students on their journey of learning how to tend to the precious mango grove is to be introduced to a world of deeply empathic interpersonal conduct.

Every heartfelt exchange and the utterly applicable instructions that are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the lives of the Mango Grove Master and his disciples are unforgettable life lessons.

The unfolding metaphors of the saplings and the older trees, the sweet and sour fruit, and all of the crucial elements that make up a lifetime of devotion are luminous with meaning and take on mythic dimensions in terms of how they integrate with one’s consciousness.

As the disciples mature, so too does their understanding of the profound wisdom their beloved teacher has to share, including the intricacies and soft power rooted in the application of Being, Knowing, and Not Doing. The Old Sage’s poignantly conveyed teachings impress upon us pragmatic foundations regarding how to apply oneself, demonstrating the power of uncontrived presence, the true perils of motive, and how our actions really do echo throughout eternity.

Outside the confines of time and beyond the grove we encounter the Master’s teacher, the old Tibetan, who introduces us to the Mountain and the vivid lessons of his path. Through the words of these venerable sages, we discover the multi-dimensional insights hidden within the many lifetimes they have witnessed.

To recognize oneself within the reflections of their moments is to trace a very personal trail through the deepest recesses of your heart. Revelatory perspectives intertwine with the memories of a lifetime to illuminate new ways of seeing the trials and tribulations one has faced. Possibilities of forgiveness and renewal become internally available through key teachings that provide fluid frameworks through which to witness our ongoing journey.

You will discover the meaning of Heaven and Earth as an internal confluence of energies; learn to recognize the Thief and the Ghost; disengage from the intricacies of the Curse to become the Blessing, and identify the crucial distinction between the perceptual functions of Wooden Spokes and Holographic Wheels. What makes these precious truths so vibrant is that they align with what is seen, all around and within, from the broadest overview to the subtlest degree imaginable.

I feel honored to witness the eternal refinement of Lujan’s teachings within each moment. I wholeheartedly recommend all of his works, but this one presents the essence of who he is and what he has to share in a very beautiful way. Even after twenty years of being continually blown away by his awe-inspiring wisdom and the abiding consistency of his loving friendship, I am experiencing this book as a series of unexpected revelations.

Lujan’s ability to return us home, to our heartfelt origin, is unique. The insights within these pages bring tears of joy and laughter, realization and relief, unlocking, unraveling, and equipping me in ways that seem so simple yet are so finely observed and elegantly conveyed that my resistances are humbled into retreat. To put it plainly, it is changing me, and I believe it will change you, too.

The Power of Emptiness will open your eyes and heart in ways that cannot be anticipated. What is shared here will give you back the sovereignty you seek, reinstate the beauty of your moments, beckon the tenderness of your care, and much, much more. This is why we love and cherish Lujan Matus so dearly.

Naomi Jean

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