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Testimonial: Awakening the Energy Body

Druids maintain that, before the cataclysms on Earth, humans did not need spoken language.  Everyone was empathic.  We communicated non-orally.  Information and knowledge were transmitted in rote form, wherein the whole of the information exchanged was done instantly or within moments.  When not communicating, humans were silent inside, without internal dialogue.

Reclaiming internal silence is something Lujan Matus strives to teach all who study with him.  Lujan’s happy disposition and his poignant, precise insights into his student’s needs attest to the power that is available when one has internal silence, emptiness.

Physical well-being is also a prime focus of Lujan’s offering within his teachings.  He has always maintained that it is through the physical that we receive messages.  Through the initiation levels of Lo Ban Pai, one begins to tangibly feel the communication occurring.

Awakening the Energy Body is a series that fortifies the physical body.  At the same time, it strengthens one’s understanding of Earth energy, as a being of Earth communing with Earth.  A strong physical body and an internal quietness gives way to this communion.

Lujan offered a dramatic example of heavy Earth energy by demonstrating the difference between a mere physical exercise and the same exercise done with intention.  He allowed his students to be a prop to stop his body from falling into the ground.  Without intention, it was merely physical exertion.  With intention, it felt like trying to stop a cement truck from rolling downhill.

The balance of heavy energy is rising energy.  During a week of learning Awakening the Energy Body, after performing the exercise, I turned to walk in the opposite direction and experienced a peculiar feeling under my feet.  I could swear I was floating for a second!

We were warned of some of the things that Awakening the Energy Body can bring to the surface.  Many memories can be stored in the legs, and this series can bring out those energetic knots to be witnessed and dealt with.  It’s clear that this warning should be heeded.  I was luckily alone at home when I experienced the beginning of this phenomenon.

After sitting for an extended time, I felt a surge of pain come up through my leg when I moved suddenly.  With lightning speed, I sent a dart of anger for causing the pain at someone who was completely innocent.  The speed and power within that feeling was frightening.

I find myself in moments of frustration at every little thing, angrily stuffing things into closets where they don’t fit, experiencing dreams of punishing loved ones, and realizing that this is a kind of internal dialogue that arises to disrupt my happiness.

Lujan’s teachings are full of information and so is Lujan.  There is a lot to concentrate on within each gentle, powerful pass, so it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Yet by treating myself with the same kind, free-of-blame devotion which Lujan demonstrates to all his students, the series has become easier and the results more calming.

Every time I return from visiting Lujan, I return with a noticeably more healthy, stronger, happier body, even when it’s after only a week’s amount of time.  Even though I’m now walking like a cowboy after a morning of Awakening the Energy Body, for the first time I have felt the presence of a ball of energy, the lower dantien, rolling around between the hips, cradled by the pelvis, as I walk on the surface of Earth.

Thank you, Lujan, for all that you share.

With deep affection,

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