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Testimonial: Online Group Spiritual Guidance Program

My experience of Lujan was almost 15 years in the making. I’d been following his work since the first edition release of The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception and knew his words from books and voice from the interviews that had trickled through onto the internet in the last years.

During the Online Spiritual Guidance program, I asked him a question directly and spoke to him for the first time. Lujan nailed down the primary theme of my life, a struggle with chronic illness, into words of my own heart, forming both an understanding and a path forward between two previously hidden extremes.

More than that, he highlighted to me once again the subtle creative force we are as human beings, instilling in me both a devotion and courage to always heed this nature as it is really the only thing we have.

The conclusion to this four-week program (which I wished to continue on forever) was being left with a sense that we have everything we need to address the struggles of our own lives.

The adaptive essence we are (if we allow it) navigates a way through and points a way forward if only we can step back and allow what we truly are to come forward.

With gratitude

We are now accepting registrations for private Online Spiritual Guidance and small group training in Lo Ban Pai in Sedona in 2021.

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