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Testimonial: Lo Ban Pai Training: Gravity Series & Opening the Tao

I had the privilege and honor of training with Lujan for a few weeks and they were some of the most profound and impactful of my life. I write this testimonial about two weeks after ending my training with Lujan and after years of participating in countless other human development and healing programs and retreats and trainings and workshops, etc.

It is difficult to describe the experience intellectually and conceptually, as much of the reorganization that I’ve experienced happened within me as embodied experience, often outside of the class itself in the way that life simply unfolded to show me the things I was to realize.  I was able to experience and correct defects in my perception in such elegant ways, perfectly appropriate for my life path and the momentum of it at this time.

Whether it was from the movements I learned, the teachings, Lujan’s responses to fellow participants’ questions which wondrously answered seemingly unrelated questions I had myself not yet asked out loud, or whether in direct confrontation with Lujan himself in which I was challenged to use my voice and speak to my true feelings in order to connect with others and myself more authentically, his teachings are multidimensional and work on levels that I acknowledge even I’m not aware of.

I did, however, have the palpable experience throughout training that the quality of things was inherently deeper and more substantive and my visual perception was affected too, attuning me to more subtle visual information.

And Lujan is a good, good man. A kind and loving and silly and hilarious and strong and imposing man. I would love to recommend to those reading who feel called to work with Lujan to put their real selves on the altar of this teacher-student – friendship and you will be rewarded for your bravery and vulnerability in profound ways if you have the heart to see and listen and feel deeply rather than react. When I humbled myself I gave myself permission to change and I changed.

And just two weeks later, things continue to unfold each day that feel like enormously important full-circle moments of realization and recapitulation. I find I can practice the movement series for hours with joy as if I’m doing something I’ve always known.

My body’s perception and capacities have begun to develop and sensitize and much of Lujan’s somatic teachings about what should be felt in the body with each movement have finally clicked as if unzipped like a timed-release mind-body-spirit-complex download. My body now moves itself as I get deeper in the practice and I already feel stronger. This is no doubt also due to the wisdom and medicinal guidance I received from Lujan’s kind wife Mizpah.

Lo Ban Pai is a practice I devote my life to as I become who I’m meant to. I will train diligently and will train with Lujan again soon. This practice is changing my life in beautiful ways and I am so grateful to know Lujan.


The next Online Group Program offered by Lujan Matus will focus on Lujan’s forthcoming book – The Power of Emptiness.

Participants will receive an advance copy of the PDF version of this edition before its publication. Each week students will be assigned reading homework, and the classes will focus on the unique concepts introduced in each chapter.

The cost of this program is $595 and will involve six sessions of approximately 90 minutes each. Classes will take place on Saturdays at 2 pm, Mountain Standard Time.

The sessions take place via Zoom video conferencing. If you would like to be involved in the Online Book Study Group, please register via the link at the bottom of this page.

We are now accepting registrations for the group Online Book Study program commencing on February 27th, 2021.

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