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Testimonial: Learning Lo Ban Pai with Lujan Matus

I was listening to an audiobook recently in which one of the characters explained that in photography, “where” you decide to put the camera is your oculus…the eye of the camera, which is an extension of the eye of the photographer. I resonate with this explanation, and in this testimonial, I hope to share how I view my experience with Lo Ban Pai and the Nagual Lujan Matus. Another definition of oculus has to do with the budding of a plant, which is a perfect place for me to jump in and say why I attended the Gravity Series with the Nagual.

Looking At The System

After buying and reading all of Lujan’s books, I continued with listening to the audiobooks. Through these actions and time spent, the seed was planted and the bud starting to grow — my oculus of Lo Ban Pai began to form. I began my tutelage under Lujan Matus via a series of Skype calls. During what now seems like a fleeting series of meetings, I experienced many things, I laughed a lot, and when I had the chance to speak with my wife about the sessions I talked for hours without stopping. This knowledge was living within, it was exuberant and spellbinding.

Lujan released something or awakened something within. My expectations for that “training” was exceeded many fold; on that note, I do strongly recommend the Skype sessions if one can not afford any other. During this time I learned to know myself better, and I understood how vast my lack of understanding actually is, of myself and of our human nature. This was the most humbling time I believe I’ve experienced. I’ve thanked Lujan for these gifts of experience many times, yet, these learnings are just below the surface and I am still grateful beyond measure.

I soon developed a liking for the Eight Gates meditation practice, which you can find online or in the book, Whisperings of the Dragon, and after experiencing one particularly spectacular vision, I rather knew that I wanted to becomes an actual student of Lo Ban Pai. So, when the classes were first announced, I talked with my family and told them what I was doing, and with their understanding and blessing I “signed up.”

Reading the class description now makes me as excited as prior to attending. But I feel the reasons why I wanted to attend were much more oriented to the content of the books, that is, understanding myself deeply, and understanding the “same old thing,” which is a real struggle in my life (“don’t even think about it” is harder to do than say). I will admit, though, that the multidimensional type experiences described online was, and still is, appealing so I suppose my reasons for attended had many facets. In the end, I wanted to learn a practice that extended from quiet meditation into movement, and a system of spiral energetics sounded incredible.

Being In The Training

Arriving in Sedona was an experience of its own. It’s a beautiful place, one I’ve always wanted to visit. The people are loving, nature presence itself in an unparalleled way, and food and activities for everyone abound. It was very hot in Sedona, which added an interesting facet to the experience. Think “hot yoga” for example. I’ve never done it, but I’m sure it’s intense. Hot Lo Ban Pai is intense and was a source of humor for our group.

The Lo Ban Pai Gravity Series was held in a wonderfully appointed room, which felt every bit of a dojo based on my experience in martial arts, but it was never called that. I felt completely transported, to a place of peace and safety, and I felt at home amongst strangers. I met some wonderful first-time students, and we carried on together, yet individually, through a journey, I couldn’t have forecasted.

Lujan commands the room, the time, the space. His mastery and confidence oozes into the fabric of learning, and being, seeing, feeling, and hearing. His deep caring is unmatched in my own life, and his humor is infectious and regular. Sometimes we talked, about whatever came up or whatever needed to be said. We asked questions, we received guidance, or we laughed or cried.

In the beginning, during these times Lujan would often perform small parts of Gravity Series, just casually. Having no idea that is what he was doing, I was often mesmerized by his elegant movements, flowing arms and hands, and an intensity that was deeply seated in some dimension beyond the present. As I started learning the movements, by following, discussing in detail, practice, and then repeating this process, several things started to emerge:

The first thing, which I stand by today, is an awareness that I will continue to learn from doing Lo Ban Pai, and by reflecting on the nuances of the training Lujan provided. When I do a particular move today, I might literally hear him say “point the fingers” or “hold the hands this way” or many other things. His method of teaching seems to create a matrix or framework, and things just stick to it until needed. I am recalling things a month later that apparently slipped my mind during the moment it originally happened. Perhaps this is all me, I’m wired, but I suspect it’s more about Lujan and how he does this training. Something different was happening, IMO, something mystical.

I feel it isn’t appropriate to detail out a lot of my experience, because much of it is something I expect you have to do for yourself, feel for yourself, as you are within yourself. But I want to provide some excitement and meaning, so let’s get back to my oculus and I’ll tell you something useful.

I will not sugarcoat this: you have to have a foundation before you go. You must practice the Eight Gates, you must know your heart and you must feel your lower dantian. There is no reason to go all the way to Sedona to learn this, as it’s a foundation for the practice you will go to learn. In hindsight, my biggest mistake was getting too involved in conversation, physical steps, the extreme details of a movement, as in doing so I believe I lost touch, at times, with the very special part of myself that the eight gates provides access to. You have to have control of your ear (outward) and your eyes (inward) and you have to see reality for what it is, and only then would I suggest you go see Lujan. Not to worry, Lujan is ever-present and aware and provides whatever keys are needed, for each person, during the training.

Looking Through My Experience

Many testimonials describe Lujan’s intuitive abilities. They are all correct; he is like no one I’ve ever met. I watched him see my heart, cut through the junk, and to talk directly to my soul- being, despite my own feeble attempt to sidestep this attention (same old thing was raising it’s ugly head, again). Research this on your own, as people far more experienced than I have also written about this. This possibility, the chance to go deep with Lujan, was indeed a primary goal of my attending in the first place — though it was also a primary fear. My oculus doesn’t lie, and I accepted all that occurred in order to grow.

On to multidimensional topics. I will share a very special experience that happened, which I can’t explain other than to credit a reserve of energy he must possess for this type of thing to occur I the way that it did. To set this up, you know those coincidences of thinking something and having someone else say the same thing? These were happening on a pace I’ve never experienced prior — these magical synchronicities became so normal that I stopped marveling at them. But one of these was different.

Prior to class on the fifth and final day, I went to the Dr. Patrick Flanagan library — a fascinating place (free to the public, and only one city block from Lujan’s dojo). I looked at many fascinating, unique books, but while I was talking to the curator, a book on the top shelf of a distant bookshelf caught my eye. For some reason, my entire attention was grabbed by this book, so after a quick glance at it, I let the moment filter through me. It was a bit weird, but I was in Sedona, so I went with it.

When I saw the book in the library, the cover had a thick red border with large white words printed on it, only the second word of the title was obscured by another book on the shelf, so I had to assume what the complete title was, which I did by looking at the rest of the visible cover. It had at least four photos of people on the cover, though I assumed six in total by estimating the size of the book, and the size of the two that were visibly exposed. Putting the faces to the large word I could read, I quickly deduced to a satisfactory degree what the book title was. And really, who cares … this had no real value to me at the time, and it wasn’t even something I wanted to grab and look at. Shortly after this, I walked to class, not giving it another thought.

During class, nearer to the end, there was a lot of conversation about some really interesting stuff — I was listening intently, but also enjoying the blue hue from the lovely celestite geode sitting on the table in front of me (I was listening to it sing, so I wasn’t thinking at all). The topics were out there, however, nothing out of the ordinary if you’ve read Lujan’s books— I will leave it at “interesting” for this testimonial. During this conversation, almost out of nowhere, Lujan spoke the exact words that were the title of the book I had glanced at but then proceeded to mention the names of two people I had clearly recognized as being depicted on the cover.

This was just a fleeting statement, and I’m certain no one saw my jaw hit the floor in surprise. I was immediately dumbfounded, and at the same time I recognized this as time folding on itself: I was looking AT something, Lujan was seeing IN, and the information passing THROUGH an alternate space and time to other people, to perhaps aid them in some understanding.

I believe that this was a special gift to me, and I offer this as a gift to a future student. I expect that by offering it to you the reader, it will no longer be my gift, but I give this freely and I hope you can see this experience for what it was, and understand that life can be so much more than what we see, hear, or touch, in the way we have been conditioned. I hope releasing this information, this three-second event, can enlighten or encourage someone to follow their own dreams and make even greater mysteries become reality.

Let me get on with my testimonial. I had a wonderful time meeting Lujan, and learning the basics of The Gravity Series, Lo Ban Pai. Lujan’s first description, of how we were to learn Lo Ban Pai from him, how we were to move and feel, and the very first word in my notes, is “Sincere.” His masterful way of being, his commanding confidence, and his heartfelt love seem to emanate from a deeply seated sincerity. It’s a wonderful thing.

Will I take more training with Lujan? Yes, in time, if it’s still offered. Would I recommend others learn from Lujan, YES. Everyone will have their own experience, nothing like mine, and nothing like what you know. When I go again, it will be different. But I know it will be good for me, for my life.

I consider Lo Ban Pai like I do compound interest. I am dedicated and sincere with my practice, and as a result, my learning will compound and so my mastery of Lo Ban Pai is inevitable. This gives me patience and allows me to reflect on my current experience in real-time, without judgment, and to be sincere with my practice, to love myself, and to feel how I am more than what I seem at face value.

I hope my oculus of Lo Ban Pai makes sense to you, and I hope it will ignite someone’s intent and will power to do something different and for yourself that is different, but so right.

Wishing you peace and love.

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