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Testimonial: Primordial Shen Gong

My partner and I studied Dragon’s Tears and Sexual Cultivation Practices over the course of two weeks with Lujan earlier this year.

I arrived exhausted and overwhelmed with a myriad of experiences still moving through my system. I felt like a puddle in a rainstorm. With very little defense I breathed in and through what felt like a plethora of tears, realizations, and humbling insights with Lujan.

The techniques challenged my edges in ways I hadn’t expected showing me where histories were still impacting my present especially when it came to sexuality and trust.

During our time together, my partner and I witnessed all the ways we had bound one another; where we hid the truth, exerted control, and how our expectations and entitlements pressed upon our union out of fear or lack of consciousness. These illusions entrapped in a way that triggered ‘separative’ defenses, a closing of our hearts, running away, or subtle power dynamics.

“Remember the baseline,” Lujan said. The baseline of our union being love. Lujan, empty and neutral, reflected and inquired. He was an anchoring force that not only made transparency safe and welcome but a given. There’s no hiding the truth from Lujan! What I found most beautiful was his affirming love for Mizpah and empathetic kindness in what arouse between my partner and I as we became immersed in Lo Ban Pai.

As I become more aware, the pain feels greater inside me and calls for greater acceptance. What Lo Ban Pai has given me is a way to let it be. I’ve so intentionally ‘let go’ on my path, sometimes hellbent on releasing, so there’s been a great relief in letting be, allowing things to naturally take their course relaying wisdom as they are met.

In these elegant gestures of devotion I forget the righteous idea of who I think I am, quieten my mind and feel a complete offering to life. Very gently, I am rekindling the courage to act upon the sweet subtle feeling, selfless and devoted to the needs of each moment. Humbly, I feel I still have a long way to go.

Since our time together Lujan, there’s been more clarity in my relationship and I’ve stepped into a place where I feel more trusting, relaxed, and aware.

I feel deeply grateful for our training with you and your humility and great belly laughs are felt deeply in my heart.


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