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Quantum science affirms the existence of an omnipresent shape of optimal motion in the known universe, commonly known as the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden ratio.

Through the advent of this particular branch of physics, this ancient knowledge has been substantiated in a way that satisfies the modern bias that requires a quantifiable measure of what was already perceivable.

All naturally occurring structures flow in these spirals at micro and macrocosmic levels, forming toroidal shapes like that of human and planetary energy fields.

Liquids, gasses, and the growth patterns of organic and inorganic forms all follow this adaptive format precisely for the reason that it allows energy to be applied most efficiently. Lo Ban Pai yields optimal results by following these same pathways.

The genius of how Lo Ban Pai cultivates electromagnetic potential is becoming apparent now that quantum science provides us with analogous insights and adequate syntax to describe what is actually taking place.

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