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Testimonial: Lo Ban Pai Workshop

I believe everyone who has ever participated in one of Lujan’s classes can relate to the excitement and joy I feel when I am about to learn a new set or just be around his gentle and loving being!

This time, I was fortunate and blessed to be offered even a greater opportunity to help out with the last details of the set-up of the event and this fact made my heart jump with happiness and excitement to the possibility of being of service and very little and with infinite gratitude contribute to the unfolding of such a wonderful collective experience.

The workshop started beautifully and I was so happy to see old friends and new friends coming together to experience the beauty of Lo Ban Pai and allow this living system to shut the monkey mind so as to be able to fully access the internal reservoir of much-needed silence. It was not all roses and fun, though, as the system’s beauty is only surpassed by its power to fully illuminate even the deepest corners of our being and show in plain light what needs to be seen and let go.

As with all of the forms, Whispering Palms is a very elegant and fluid set that perfectly adjusts to the practitioner’s particularities and environment and the integration of the Gravity set into the movements we learned during the workshop was such a surprise and wonderful addition!

I was really impressed by Lujan’s generosity, patience, and kindness in offering us all such powerful and abundant information and by how persistently and slowly he guided us through the movements so that our body got adjusted to its newly discovered position. It was wonderful, really! And very powerful.

In terms of its effect on my being, I could only express my sincere gratitude, for my body absolutely adores it as the (apparent) simplicity of this particular set only adds to its efficiency to bring my being to a new level of silence. It is via this silence that I can truly witness awareness expressing itself via such a mysterious mechanism, yet so free and unobstructed by the pettiness of the socialized mind.

It is the Lo Ban Pai that brings this forth for me and dedicating myself to the practice showed how practice dedicates itself to my being as well. It is like being contacted on a very deep and personal level where true communication springs forth from true feelings shared freely in the absence of anything which might hinder the necessity of expression. So pops the question: is it the system that fosters true communication or is it true communication that allows the system to progress and transform the consciousness observing its magnificent unfolding?

In either way, its efficiency and practicality is something, which can be a little of a shock to someone looking for spiritual elevation. It should come with this warning ) I was also shocked (and weren’t we all) when first in contact with its directness and lack of such political correctness that most humanity seems to cherish so much. I understood then, that it is the sincerity of my words and integrity of my actions that are essential for a life worth living. Anything less than that would be such a pity to witness.

The set we learned seems to me to carry so much wisdom and information it is still continuously unfolding, helping me grasp how my previously learned forms re-adjust to suit the newly organized frequencies of my body. I simply love how everything is connected and how beautifully the different forms of Lo Ban Pai seem to communicate with one another allowing my body to experience such feelings that can not be really conveyed via socialized, normalized language.

Even now, the realizations seem to flood my consciousness and I am being drawn attention to the fact that language is only becoming a slave language when it is an instrument of operational hidden agendas dictated by something else entirely. When heart is clear and mind is shut, language can become such a powerful tool to convey real feelings and powerful experiences to those open enough to receive.

Isn’t it the openness of our hearts that allows such subtle frequencies to flood the inner corners of our being? A recipient can only hold as wide as it is open. And Lo Ban Pai opens my heart so much that tears of gratitude and joy fall often on my face to heal and readjust the subtleties of my entire body. It is like watering a garden where flowers grow.

I am forever grateful to Lujan for his generosity of sharing his time and energy with me and us all and for his kind and tender heart that uplifts mine and ours in such a way that all which is not real fades to disappear in the background. I deeply appreciate his loving gestures and his sincere love and compassion and I would like to thank him for being such an inspiration for me towards becoming what I already am! Thank you, Lujan! Thank you!

With all my love,

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