Video Description

All you’ve got to do is – instead of looking outwardly – look inwardly at the feelings that arrive inside of you. Instead of thinking a thought, listen to your environment one hundred percent. So you look inwardly ninety-eight percent because your eyes are going to touch the world very, very lightly, like a feather with your eyes, so you don’t be heavy.

You look inwardly toward your heart and then you listen to all the sounds around you simultaneously. And while you’re listening to the sounds around you, the way you really turn your internal dialogue off so you can truly commune with yourself is to breathe so softly that you can’t hear it.

And when you look inside and listen outside, when you watch your breath going in and out and you do it inaudibly. You do it so you can’t hear it and you go to watch it and you can’t see it. You go to listen to it and you can’t hear it. And you will hear everything around you and begin to see everybody inside of you.

And all you’ve got to do once you understand your eyes are inward, your ears are externally bound, all you’ve got to do is just realize the only technique you need to stop yourself, is to listen to what you can’t hear.

So you begin to breathe so softly and so gently that you arrive immediately in the place that you’re always abiding in – your heart.

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