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The mastery of one’s inner self is a heart path that realizes the internal essence of the arrival of everything within one’s field of perception. Lo Ban Pai offers a uniquely practical method for activating this profound intelligence.

One’s heart hears and sees and doesn’t speak to itself. It knows when to act and when to withdraw. It is courageous enough to openly verbalize a non-scripted truth and subtle enough to remain silent when appropriate.

To utter the scriptures of this internal awareness, which is the true mind, is to represent a mysterious source of intelligence that becomes viable through the voice of the person who has thus become its conduit.

Within this path of integrity, one must continually adapt and adjust, and this implies strategy. In this case, strategies are not implemented.

Instead, they are duly noted, and one becomes purposeful in terms of not applying what has been realized, allowing it to manifest as insight instead of a doing. Then it becomes transformed via the mysteries of emptiness into a not-doing.

The path thus revealed corresponds to the needs and the values of that particular person’s realizations, and the growth of each individual is defined by where they are, not where they think they should be.

Every step taken by every person is then revealed to be appropriate via their situational attunement, for the doorway that opens up will inevitably relate to the process of their own awakening.

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