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Testimonial - Online Spiritual Guidance

I looked forward to every single session. I wonder at the unusual way that I came across Lujan and his teachings, the mystery of which is sure to slowly unpack over time.

Time flew past so quickly, as I hung on to every word in the online spiritual program. My student notebook almost full, there was new nomenclature to understand, phrases that I am still learning to put into practice. As I tried to keep up, there were times I could glean a kernel of wisdom. 

Other times I sensed something alluding me, just on the periphery of comprehension. Many times, Lujan’s insights in their simplicity and truth, would stun me and render me speechless. Moments of wisdom would be available to me, landing right in my heart, filling me with a profound understanding that seemed limitless in nature.

In just one answer,  a bounty within, as full as the ocean, could sweep forward towards me.  

The meditations have taken me places within that I have not felt before— like I had found a centerpoint of home… realizing there is a vast universe within waiting for me to explore and access.

Attempting to explain all the experiences that I have received in the online group program, my words fall short. Lujan’s incredible perceptive depth and capacities are unprecedented and beyond the ordinary. 

His generosity of spirit and great depth as a teacher is illuminated in his dedication and fierce love for his students.

I look forward to the day that I continuing studying with Lujan and meet in person.

Thank You Lujan! 


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