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The next group Online Spiritual Guidance program commences on September 12th

At this present time in history, we are all subject to some of the greatest challenges that we have ever faced in our evolutionary process. It is vitally important to become situationally attuned to such a degree that our internal groundedness cannot be shifted by external illusions. In the next series of online classes commencing on September 12th, I look forward to discussing this extremely vital subject that surrounds our individual freedom.

This freedom can be suffocated by a totalitarian approach that collectively herds human awareness into – not only fear of the future and the present moment – but which also coerces humanity to arise against their own nature. The authoritarian control mechanism can override the simplicity of our hearts, in essence turning brothers and sisters against one another. This war is not between us as individuals. We are being directed not to trust. This social engineering must be examined very carefully.

For those of you who have taken courses with me previously, and are familiar with the principles of being, knowing, and not-doing, I would like to focus on expanding the concept of the lower aspect of this so that everyone can come to terms with the emotional predisposition of internal discomfort.

We will explore methods to graduate the acoustic response within the collision factor connected to the passer-by principle, which then will allow everybody to understand the neutrality of no place – which can be referred to as the Tao. This is where there are acoustic frequential responses that are crucial points of graduation for the restoration of human awareness and the human capacity to be within the light of their knowing in comparison to their status as a human being.

This also will be foundational information that will be easy to assimilate by those who have not done any previous courses. This system is circular and the principles of the art of Lo Ban Pai, have the capacity to bring someone into self-regulation via a seemingly rational process that in actuality does not rely on rationality at all.

When I wrote Whisperings of the Dragon years ago, my intention was to disseminate a system that can release us all from our internal and external illusory processes. If we are not aware of these factors, we can become bound and directed in a way that will take us away from our true human potential.

It is so very important right now to rely upon our true internal responsiveness to see what needs to be recognized right in front of us all. Our individual freedom worldwide is now in grave jeopardy and we must be strong and aware. In this course, I will impart techniques to assist you to navigate the stress of isolation and the threat of an uncertain future.

In this series of online classes, there will also be ample opportunity for everybody to ask questions about what is necessary for their own understanding of their personal journey. This is a very important process as this type of communion – when arising from the impulse of inquiry – often reveals what is holding us back collectively and individually.

The only thing that truly matters is love and understanding but even the source of the bias behind a social perspective upon this needs to be examined as well.

I look forward to seeing those of you I have spoken to in the previous course again, as well as meeting everyone who has not yet been involved in the online programs or in-person Lo Ban Pai training.

In loving gratitude,
Lujan Matus

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