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Testimonial - Online Spiritual Guidance

Dear Lujan,

You really are a holy man. I still can’t believe I found you, that someone like you exists, and that you almost picked me up in that black SUV. Yet here you are, just as my own overlooked and mistreated host, composed of that silent wisdom that so clearly loves me unconditionally.

I wept through much of both Zoom sessions. Your eloquent gestures rained down and many questions were answered without the need to voice them. I sit in awe of this silence, these eruptions of light, and I feel whole and nurtured. It seems that merely attending a conference call with you has an energizing effect, similar to what I experience through your written works, though even more pronounced and immediate. So many subtleties unfold into joy each time my awareness is caressed by this formlessness.

The Gravity Series is challenging, mirroring our true reality in purpose. I see where I am caught and how my doings hold me there. I forge ahead in silence and remember the mala. The birds sing and are joined in abandon. Something arises and observation is all that I am as the feelings relocate themselves. I notice the softening of the environment and the pulsing of my arterial cortex.

I am where I am, and I can grow from here. Would I now be ready to step into the unknown, had I not experienced the suffering of knowing and doing?  And as the next moment unfolds, will not this wisdom allow me to graduate, as my fixation upon those points is released? For now, I will wait, and observe all motive, until I disappear from it.

These realizations are gifts of inestimable worth, and a vision of reality that speaks directly to the heart, coupled with a living example of the kind of beings we are becoming, goes beyond words for me in terms of the feelings of hope delivered.

In love and gratitude,


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