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Testimonial - Online Spiritual Guidance

I feel Lujan’s guidance saved me from lifetimes of searching and jumping from one spiritual practice to another.

Once I have dived in with him, to the center of my being, to what feels like a gravitational point in the center of my heart, that glimpse became my journey.

Almost everything else in terms of spiritual teachings became noise.

In fact, everything I knew myself as became noise.

All that remained is this gravity, melting dissolution. This heart-tuned vantage point of direct knowing and entrance to the center of the  Nataraja symbol or the Christ wisdom:  “when the two become one, only then you can enter the kingdom…”

– where my hands cannot be seen as my hands.

What Lujan guided me to see Is so beautiful, so tender…so deeply humble.

My becoming the living prayer is like the fragrance of the rose that doesn’t alter its scent depending on who does or doesn’t smell it, step on it, or adore it.

If there is a sacred longing in the heart to realize God and a deep desire to surrender all that you are, follow Lujan with a heart wide open.

In infinite gratitude


Register now for the group Online Spiritual Guidance program with Lujan Matus commencing on September 12th. This program involves a series of four weekly sessions and the cost is $450.

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