Video Description

Doorway to the Tao refers to an etheric entry point to the emptiness that reveals everything, which is a simple means to traverse the complexity of the unknown.

Lo Ban Pai draws us into the locus of what is arriving upon us naturally in terms of our own evolutionary process of awakening. The movements are the physical recipe that opens up that gateway into an intention-less state that holds volumes of sensory data. This is the living application of the Tao.

Simultaneously expressing both formlessness and form, Lo Ban Pai is characterized by adaptive fluidity and a primary emphasis upon heart alignment. Entering into this system necessitates a sincere engagement and ultimately beckons a humble stance of personal responsibility within the momentary circumstances one is immersed within. Every person, every moment, every gesture is a threshold.

When we perform Lo Ban Pai we become etherically connected to an intangible world. The figure-eight movements open up a field of supreme connectivity that is an empathic universal response to the pure gestures of the practitioner.

What avails itself is not defined by the socially deemed world we are surrounded by. The practice effectively opens up a realm of holographic exchange that exists beyond such constructs. It is timeless. This is how the Tao becomes a tangible information base that is endlessly renewed.

We must realize that no spiritual practice of substance can be made concrete, for concreteness becomes a viable method of bias, which can only be turned into dogma as a belief system to be rigidly held. When we create shen gongs we unlock our fields of bias into a momentary experience of intangibility that contains so many possibilities. This receptivity then has to be recalibrated into the practical points that allow us to move forward or not. We have to be immediate enough to realize what can be done and what cannot be done within the moments that arrive.

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