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We are offering a special group online program with sessions on Saturday May 16th and Saturday May 23rd at 2pm Mountain Standard time.

The cost of this program is $150 and will involve two sessions of approximately two hours each.

The Online Spiritual Guidance program is ideal as an introduction to Lujan’s teachings as well as for those who are unable to attend private tuition or group workshops.

Online Spiritual Guidance - Testimonial

I recommend the online program for everyone from beginners to those who have taken Lo Ban Pai courses.  I believe that it would work best for those who have already read the books.  That said, Lujan is not teaching from the books.  He is going beyond them.  You will be part of his experimental work, introducing new approaches and a new spiritual vocabulary.  I had not found the new terminology in the books.  

Yes, even given the time constraints, he does help those with an acute problem.  We are all one, and we can learn a lot from other people’s questions and situations.  I did feel that what others were going through spoke to me.  And there was a great variety of questions and concerns.  Lujan teaches each person at his or her own level, revealing to us his compassionate devotion.  Awareness and relevance were present.

Get used to being seen.  This can feel like a shock.  You will be challenged even if you don’t ask a question.  But do ask.  It is your time to be with the master teacher.  Who the group members turn out to be is your destiny.  Push yourself to speak up in front of the other people.  Write down your question ahead of time so that it doesn’t just disappear in the energy.  What an opportunity the online program presents to us.


We are now accepting registrations for Online Spiritual Guidance in May 2020, and Lo Ban Pai Training in Sedona, AZ from June-December 2020.

Please register via the link below:

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