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Testimonial – The Gravity Series

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Lujan in Sedona. To be honest, I felt as if I have known him or met him before. He is truly an awesome being. His presence is that of warm-heartedness, gentle and kind. This, of course, is met with a ruthlessness of clarity and an overflowing embodied personal power that can cut through you with no effort. He was like a mirror that allowed you to see yourself with.

He is obviously very strong and a true warrior. He seemed to embody so many traits that I cherish in myself (humans for that matter) and look to be more embodied in.

His presence, his ability to listen and to share from his heart which was communing with your heart. His ability to be serious but then shift into laughter and being silly. This is something I think is a very powerful tool and key ability to do when facing the great unknown!

His use of common sense and practicality. He wasn’t just all mystical and speaking all kinds of metaphysical. He was grounded while operating with higher frequencies.

I really loved being around him. I felt as if I saw myself in him. The words he would use, his gestures, and how he connects to people. They are all the ways I cherish when I am in my communion with the totality of my being.

I waited to write this because I was driving thirty hours back to North Carolina and I am glad I did wait. I got to sit and simmer in the shift that had occurred. I really cannot say what specifically happened. I just know that I feel so much more aligned in myself and around myself. My heart, head, body, and spirit feel as if they have been washed clean. Plugged into the great sea of awareness for recharging!

I can relate to the experience as an instrument and its music. Before meeting Lujan, I had worked to bridge this gift of life into an instrument of peace, love, power, and truth. At times I felt this force that flows through all things in a similar way as Lo Ban Pai generated. In hindsight, it seems to me that Lo Ban Pai was trying to reach me for years now. Teaching me a few things here and a few things there.

Even two months before Lujan’s workshop. I started to follow similar movement patterns with my arms that seemed to just occur in my daily practice by listening to that which surrounds us, which was exciting to me! You could only guess how excited I was when I realized this after Lujan showed the Gravity movements to us.

It was like It was trying to get my attention and prepare me to play the music of Lo Ban Pai. So, what Lujan showed to us was a series of songs, which gave birth to a living musicality and poetry that lives and breathes from the great not-knowing. It felt like Lujan was a master composer of the universal forces orchestra, which he went on to teach us how to play the gravitational waves that allowed for the music of the eternal to move through us, which feels like it is then generating its own music through this instrument that is the human form, from the formless.

It also allowed for a tangible connection to feeling (seeing) the energetic cocoon or egg. I could really feel the energy bubble moving around and through my bones; through the currents and threads woven around it. Truly awesome. Especially when he walked closer to me on the last day. It was like my energy body linked into his and my arms were moving all on their own by way of Lujan’s energetic intelligence.

This joy that Lujan spoke of so much. It seems to bubble up out of nowhere now, which brings tears to my eyes; tears from a source of unknown joy. I feel like I am in love and love. Not just human love but a love that weaves through all things and has strength and absoluteness to it.

I really and truly could keep going on about Lujan and his offerings but I feel that this is enough for now.


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