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Enhancing Personal Power and Empathic Awareness

Lo Ban Pai is a comprehensive art that enlivens reservoirs of empathic communion through movements that inspire feelings of heartfelt gratitude. This in turn manifests a true internal standpoint of personal power that brings a genuine ethical view to the forefront of the witness. Comprised of elegant movement sequences and profound awareness techniques with a deeply meditative core, Lo Ban Pai recalibrates perception away from a socially engineered mindset and towards a heart-based approach.

Translated as elegantly flourishing spirals, Lo Ban aptly describes the signature coiling motions of the movement family, and Pai indicates a dynamic hand or fist. This name was given to the system by the intuitive empath Lujan Matus in honor of

his benefactor, Lo Ban, a prodigious warrior seer from the Altai-Sayan region of central Asia. As an Oriental shaman, he traveled very deeply into the essence of the Tao, meaning The Way (of doing and being).

Lo Ban Pai operates in harmony with the guiding laws of nature, generating toroidal vortices within and around the body. Mirroring the Fibonacci principle, its unique coiling gestures open up energetic whirlpools, or shen gongs, which avail one to heightened levels of sensitivity towards the subtleties of the surrounding world. This photonic light energy is automatically absorbed into these etheric portals and it is this direct interactivity that delivers the deepest mysteries of Lo Ban Pai to the one who practices.

We are now accepting registrations for small group training in Lo Ban Pai in Sedona, Arizona in 2020.

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