This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Jacob. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Jacob please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I have never met the Nagual Lujan Matus in person though I have heard his voice and seen his shadow in the light. (In reference to The Cosmic Giggle)

Many of us have witnessed his deep insight albeit through the vast connectivity of our modern age technology. I wish to meet this man. It is my greatest hope in life to unearth the immanence of my character yet unseen. Lujan has gifted me my own authenticity through the discovery of his very existence.

Waiting in this vast space alone, I had endangered myself. I know I must teach others the importance of avoiding this treacherous path of illusion/delusion, undoing, and corruption of self. It is my honor. Life catches up with survival, spirit cocoons this sovereign memory. I am reminded only of truth.

I wish to meet this man whom I trust from the depth of my bones and the pulse of my fabric woven and unraveled. I wish to meet this man who has awoken the ancient past that informing the present stretches deep into the future. This knowledge the breadth of my soul that I have dared to ignore.

Such a person enlivens, enriches and allows us to remember. Allowing us to respect beyond what much of society is even willing to ‘gaze’ into. To even touch in thought or to think it possible.

This perception I hold, those around me who could not listen. This parallel perception finding me, me finding it. It finding us. Attaching, seeking, discovering that is is ok to be us. That we all of us can share this together. To be us. Discovering that we are not alone in this journey. To wake up. Together again.

Such an efficiency of compassion, empathy, unconditional positive regard, an insurmountable patience. At least I thought it once unattainable but this seer his listening, such a capacity, it surfaces nothing but the sacred. The fabric of life and beyond witnessed again in this unfolding global phenomenon. It’s truly phenomenal, of dimensions repairable, of love distinguished, truth spoken in unequivocal honesty.

I respect this teaching, I wish upon this learning and for all of us. I am of the opinion that the structure and discipline of movement found in Lo Ban Pai will change my life forever. I myself have been gifted many movements ancient and futuristic. These movements have changed the very structure of my person beyond the physical. These movements have healed me from a serious debilitating injury that spanned many years of my life as a young man.

However, I have struggled to attain a relative sequence and wisdom of conformity with discipline. I look to Nagual Lujan Matus for his assistance. I now know that if I am to achieve the honor of teaching I myself must be taught in the physical realm.

Forgiveness rises as a splinter of fog seizes and unfolds my seclusion. Clarity unwinding fear, maturity overcoming the need for individual power in and of itself. Power surfacing as a complex web of togetherness, love overwhelming desire.

Personal freedom is attained as I lay my proverbial swords down leaving only a place within the palm, a gap between the fingers. Here only light and love can be found, taking flight towards fluidity. In these hands may I now hold informidable reason and sequences married by knowledge and the subtle layers in the very fabric of nature. I want to share this passion as Lujan has shared with all of us.

I wish to be a teacher and to not take for granted the gifts that have been instilled upon me. I hope that my compassion and empathy can build on the tree of life just as we have seen Nagual Lujan Matus continue to grow and gift his knowledge with us all. I have so much to learn.

Lujan Matus has a spiritual sense of dynamism that extends outside of time and is the formative universal prerequisite to community-oriented consciousness. Such a dynamism is paramount in observing the knowledge as a protectorate to social welfare and as proprietors of this education.

Lujan has fastened this social, cultural and environmental context through and toward the enigmatic quality of consciousness found throughout the ages. Such knowledge embedded in the sequence of movement is honestly sacred. This is his honor and I recognize this being in contingence with the consequences of our existence.

How fortunate we all are to be able to have access to such an indelible system of knowledge recollected through the empathic communion of being true and real.

Thank you Nagual Lujan Matus. Thank you for being here now. Thank you for helping me to remember. I shall dance the spiral never ending.

One day I hope to dance with you. I look forward to dancing with you and all of us together.

Jacob (Numathales)