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Online Spiritual Guidance is a program that takes place over a series of one-hour Skype sessions and comprises special techniques, counseling and guidance for personal evolution.

Lujan’s extraordinary ability to travel to the heart of the matter is as potent online as in person, and this program is an ideal introduction to his work, as well as a excellent alternative for those who are unable to travel to group courses and workshops. These one-on-one sessions follow a fluid format, adapting to the true needs of each individual’s growth path.

Special techniques, such as The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake and The Healing Meditation, are instrumental to this program, for they initiate a profound return to center: the essential starting point from which your journey of healing and transformation begins.

As a master intuitive empath, Lujan directly addresses what is most pertinent, without judgment, to support you to align with your life path.

Tools and insights gained during this program empower ongoing growth, and upon completion you will be equipped to independently resolve any obstructions in your life. Your newfound sense of purpose will facilitate a complete and enduring transformation that will be able to be sustained following the conclusion of the sessions. This process will continue to deepen over time.

Program elements include:

  • Instruction in the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake
  • Techniques to enhance inner silence
  • Methods to develop intuitive empathy and precognitive abilities
  • Meditations to promote physical healing
  • How to enhance energy production during digestion
  • Examining personal obstacles, barriers and challenges
  • Revolutionary techniques for reclaiming your natural sovereign state
  • Addressing issues surrounding ones personal application of heart consciousness
  • Digital copies of all of Lujan’s books are included as companion guides, with paperback copies available at an additional cost

Five online sessions

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