The Gravity Series was introduced by Lujan during the Whispering Palms workshop in Bucharest. Its apparent simplicity, in terms of the movements being immediately absorbed via the practitioner’s kinesthetic intelligence, is paralleled by beautiful and complex feelings generated via the internal movements brought forth through the access to a new kind of understanding.

I believe that the Gravity series has had quite an impact on how I would generally feel practicing all the other sets I studied with Lujan. It’s like a major upgrade.

The series adds gravity to the magnetism cultivated through the other forms and allows the practitioner to stabilize the flow via increased grounding, clarity and discernment. In other words, Gravity provides that silence which enables the natural arrangement of bodily postures so as to benefit the entire muscular system, bone, and cartilage as well as the entire fascia network.

Lujan told us this set introduces the practitioner to the six directions and the two harmonies which is the hands moving creating the gravitational pull on the legs and the head traveling towards the ceiling.

It seems to me that the harmonies allow the accessibility of multiple perspectives which are continuously spiraling towards or far from the central axis. Activating the central vortices of the hands visibly modified my depth of field and awareness gained new reference points to use.

While practicing, everything feels much more intensely, and every time I connect and keep constant the concomitant directional awareness, an effect similar to pulling down the curtains in a darkened room is created.

And while the center of gravity continuously changes, the internal structure (being born) is simultaneously revealed. The gravitational pull of every gesture now becomes exponentially enlarged and the most intimate subtleties become known to the practitioner.

Stabilization of the central pole and the increase of the base-plate allow for an increase in centripetal force as well which allows the expansion of the upper strata towards the unknown.

It is like coming out of a shell into the unrestricted vastness where the subtle lattice is not bound by any form.

In fact, the effects of practicing Gravity can be noticed in every aspect of life be it rough movement (like walking or running) or soft (micro gestures or internal movements). Everything is improved to the point of becoming a new point of reference, different from the previous anchored position.

I would definitely recommend all who have studied other forms before to take up the Gravity set in order to experience a very different hue of the same exquisite spectrum.


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