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I came across Lujan in the film The Cosmic Giggle and was struck at first by the timbre of his voice, unaffected, a quality of quiet certainty. I felt a truth in his words through that tone before I understood what he was actually saying. And then there was this fabulous laugh of his, unconstrained joy. Soon I had his books and was engrossed in the story of the journey with his benefactors.

I had read all Castaneda’s books in my twenties, done acid, seen God and had been on the quest for the Holy Grail on and off since. In my fifties I practiced Daoist arts with a Russian master intensively for five years so I recognised and was fascinated by both lineages. To learn that Lujan was the keeper of the Yaqui Indian shamanic way and a Daoist master made perfect symmetry with my own interests.

Lujan’s appearance in my life is a blessing. I had the privilege to be with him in the Three Treasures Workshop and found a man without artifice, very natural and warm, yet with a laser guided ability to unearth truth beneath the fabric of our cherished defenses. He could perform a verbal surgery absolutely without malice, in fact with unambiguous compassion. It was obvious that truth was the target not the individual, there were no concessions to the social program and we all learnt from being in the presence of such uncompromising clarity.

Over the week of the Three Treasures course, we experienced a profound energetic immersion and transfusion of love. More was said that was left unsaid. As the days passed I began to realise that the questions in my head were mostly irrelevant to the need to seek the silence within and simply to be in the presence of love, kindness clarity and uplifted energy. I could feel that Lujan was tuned into my energetic state and giving what was needed, as to each.

Three Treasures is a gift of which I don’t have sufficient experience with to write about, but I remember Lujan telling me, “if you dedicate yourself to it, it will dedicate itself to you”. How perfect. How beautiful is it, that such an apparently powerful internal martial art should be symbolised by the wings of a butterfly.

There is no doubt that I have been given a mighty push. Changes that had been needed to be made in my life have been made. I came away from the Three Treasures experience knowing that it’s all inside of me, but I still can’t wait to be in Lujan’s company again, with amazing people and continue Lo Ban Pai.

The last thing Lujan said to us all was “Live clean, be strong and practice”.

Copy That!

Lujan,I’m so grateful for your teaching. Can you say something that would help me to find the correct motivation for practice?

I don’t want to practice with the sense that it thrives only on grit and determination, I want my motivation to come from the LOVE of it.


Hi Tim,

The answer to your question is in your own writing of what you learned from me in the workshop.

“If you dedicate yourself to it, it will dedicate itself to you”.

Here is your answer, right in front of you. And in life wisdom is always this elusive. You think you need to know something, yet your body already knows it.

Always remember, there are constant variables within one’s practice. We all must be absolutely observant that one’s internal energy is always fluctuating, and to use one’s mind’s eye to view this energy moving. It will always be different every day, constantly revealing your status while continuously moving more inwardly toward emptiness.

This is our challenge: To accept what can’t be changed and to change what is unacceptable within our lives.

Always remember in the Three Treasures that the upper half of your body is moving toward the ceiling, while the lower half is moving toward the ground. Be aware that when you create the large energy ball in front of you, this is all your mass transferred via your intention, and then intend to pull it back to the center of your being by the focus of your index finger on both hands.

The intention of the mind is not related to thought. Shen is moved by the gaze and this belongs to the eyes. Intention is moved by feeling and this is the capacity of the chi to know where it is. When the Jing is relaxed within its primordial center, in the middle of the lower dantien, everything will become self-evident. Here is where your myofascial energy learns to be aware of itself.

We have two primary forces: physical strength and relaxed alignment. The latter is the goal and where one’s personal power becomes more evident than ever and you will learn this very clearly in your standing postures. 

Lots of love,

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