The eBook version of “Who Am I?” is now available

Thank you for your patience. I am excited to finally release this edition and I hope you enjoy it. The paperback version will be available soon on Amazon and following that will be the audio-book.

This was a passionate journey for me as an author. It is the most in-depth explanation about how I personally function as a intuitive empath, and our evolutionary process as human beings, that I have written thus far. In this book you will truly meet me and be capable of seeing who I really am in day-to-day life. And for those who already know me, I send my sincere love to you, and am grateful that my journey has given me contact with such wonderful people.

Within the 250 pages you are about to dive into, you will rediscover yourself and your true abilities as a seer. There are in-depth stories and techniques that will awaken your precognitive abilities from within, when you realize that these innate capacities have been hidden through the very complex social engineering that has halted our progress as light beings upon our path on this planet.

This book is complementary to Whisperings of the Dragon and it expands upon the methods used after one is familiar with the first gate. It will show exactly how to proceed beyond this point.

I will also endeavor to expand upon these two books with podcasts, allowing everyone to ask questions, and go into areas that will expand exponentially from the original point of insight by being subject to the material. I am looking forward to this as well. Please don’t hesitate to tell me how the book affects you. I can’t wait to see your responses here in the comments section below.

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