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My life took a new turn when I came in contact with Lujan Matus at the age of 36. I was deeply involved with spirits that had been with me since childhood. Some might have been within my family line, some might had connections to my previous lifetimes and some were picked up along the way, when my family lived in Africa.

I was a sensitive, yet strong child, with lots of dreams and visions. There are both dark and light elements in my family. I early had an existential search for truth and freedom and there was a lot of confusion and psychological abuse in my family.

The dark spirit-manifestations grew more intense over the years and I tried to educate myself in spiritual practices such as meditation and shamanism as a means to deal with the problems that were making my life unmanageable.

Somewhere in that process I lost myself through fear and seduction and involved myself, without having any support or guidance. That was when I came in contact with Lujan. In a drum-journey where I was seeking clarity, Lujan appeared and showed me that I was traveling within a giant dragon. Then it was made clear to me by those spirits, that I had to make a choice between the path of Lujan Matus teachings and those spirits, and that a fierce war would ensue if I refused them, (which I clearly did after this).

It took me two years of struggle to get out of the worst part, (I choose not to describe what happened because it might put both the reader and myself in a bad mood) and this last year I have focused on building myself up step by step. As I was fighting my economic and social life crumbled, during the hardest times I only focused on getting sleep when I could, getting food, praying and training my movements.

I had to sell my wood-workshop and quit my business. I left my apartment and moved around sleeping at friends houses. At the end I decided to gather enough money for a journey to a shaman in Africa whom helped me with the worst parts of my problem. This was my last solution, because I believed it to be risky, but it worked, thank God. I believe I was guided and protected.

This year my situation has grown better and better. I have been putting my trust in the protection from benevolent forces of the universe, such as Christ. Protectors of the little ones and the innocent. I did not believe the universe deemed that important, but now I do. First I thought that I must believe it, otherwise the world is lost, and later I felt the love from the universe and now I believe and have faith. Also dream teachers have been supporting me a lot.

Today I feel much more free (even though I will always have to be aware), and I feel resolved, because as the darkness came forth, it was identified. And it is now very clear to me that all life is loved and cared for, by spirit. Lujan Matus teachings were the catalyst for all these things to unravel in my life.

There is so much for me to say about Lujan Matus. How the clarity of his books is formulating and illuminating my own knowledge and the new hope that comes from that. The effectiveness and simplicity of the meditation practices is exciting.

When I was at the Golden Lotus workshop in 2014, it was a joy to witness Lujan, how natural he was with us, powerful and still childlike. I have, during these years been pondering about little things he said, that where like seeds of wisdom.

The Golden Lotus has transformed my body and energies, making me more compact and fluid with a more fine-tuned sensory-system. When training the Golden Lotus the movements seem to have an energy blueprint that teaches the body in its own capacity. It has been very beneficial for me in respect to my autoimmune inflammatory disease.

Further more and very important for me was the contacts that I made at the workshop, which gave me the opportunity to work spiritually in circles of very good people and also find even other circles of people.

I hope that I will have the possibility to attend the Three Treasures workshop because I am excited and ready to add new movements to the Golden Lotus and to once again join the magic of Lujan.

With Love,

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