Testimonial: Primordial Shen Gong

On his website, Lujan now calls this Sexual Cultivation Practice, but it is a far more complicated practice than the name implies. Yes, it may indeed increase one’s libido and help one experience better sex, but that is not the major focus of the practice.

As humans, we are constantly dealing with what the ancient Chinese called the Three Treasures, but what exactly are they? They are known as Jing—our essence, the primordial energy we inherit from our parents and that we are born with; Chi—our vital force, the energy that flows in and around our bodies and keeps us alive; and Shen—our spirit, our sacred self. (Taoist thought even subdivides each of these into pre-natal and post-natal versions, but we can ignore that for now!)

In traditional Neidan, or Internal Alchemy, there are practices for transmuting these energies, and these are normally referred to as “refining essence (Jing) into breath (Chi), refining breath (Chi) into spirit (Shen), and refining spirit (Shen) and returning to Emptiness.” This is something that has always appealed to me, but I never knew how to go about it—not even after reading a gazillion books and attending seminars by famous Taoist teachers. But the concept is so essential in Taoist philosophy that the famous Journey to the West (called Monkey in English) even includes a poem that, in my translation, states: “Know that this secret is marvelous and true: . . . All power resides within the Jing, the Chi, and the Shen. Guard these carefully, to prevent any loss of power!”

So when the opportunity to study Primordial Shen Gong, or Sexual Cultivation Practice presented itself, I immediately thought that it was a wonderful way to preserve health and longevity. Well, it certainly is that—and much more.

Jing is the source of all development and growth in the body and spirit, and it is closely associated with the sexual energy that forms the basis of our body’s essential life force. It nourishes the entire body, especially the reproductive system. It is Jing that imbues every aspect of our lives with the potentiality for development from birth until death, from conception to accomplishment.

Chi is more difficult to express. Many translate it energy, or force, or even élan vital—and it is all of these but none of these at the same time. In the body, it is closely associated with the respiratory system and the breath (like prana). In many ways, every metabolic process, every movement, every emotion, every thought, every flickering of consciousness is both governed by, and a direct manifestation of, one’s Chi.

Shen is created through the harmonious union of Jing and Chi, which gives birth to one as an entirely new being. Shen shows us our own experiences and guides us through transformation, both inner and outer. It allows us to see and experience parallel realities. Whereas Jing is stored in the lower dantian, and Chi circulates throughout the body, and is also stored in the lower dantian, Shen is stored within the heart and radiates outward from the whole body. This is why people who have cultivated strong Shen seem to be surrounded by auras of light. The light of someone’s Shen is also said to shine brightly through their eyes.

All this is a short summary of the traditional Chinese view of the Three Treasures—but little did I know that I would be learning and achieving far more than this.

Stepping into Being a New Version of Me

I studied the male version of this practice, so that is all I can comment on. I should add that I am gay, I have had a very active sex life until recently, and am getting up there in years (but that has not lessened my desire at all). I should also add that I was accustomed to pleasuring myself, to which I had almost become addicted, rather often. In fact, looking back, I was probably addicted to the release of dopamine that takes place during arousal and release. I had always doubted the Taoist claim that too much ejaculation would lead to poor health, shorter life, etc., and did not place any importance on retaining semen, since I did not equate it with Jing.

The first couple of days while learning this practice were amazing. (I should add for clarity that though it is a “sexual” practice, there is no talk of sex per se and I was fully clothed.) I found that my energy levels rose dramatically, my concentration was more focused, and I felt “fuller.” What I am trying to say is that I felt more grounded, or even better, more “earthed,” like an electrical appliance connected to the earth. I found that I wanted to walk outside more, go barefoot in the park or on the beach more, and I just wanted to be out in nature. (And I would have preferred to be in the forest naked, if that had been possible!)

The next couple of days gave me the whole practice, which went well at first, but by the fourth or fifth day, I had so much pent up energy: the fires of lust were raging and the Wild Horse was on stampede! I could not sleep because of sexual dreams keeping me erect and awake, and I had to have release just to get some sleep.

What was happening was that the “Wild Horse” was getting out of control, and the fires were being stoked too high. In thinking back on Lujan’s instructions, I realized that I was not performing the exercises correctly, which was one reason. Another may have been my addiction to higher dopamine levels. . . . Lujan gently suggested that I back away briefly, which I did. I am now back in the swing of things, performing the practice at my own pace, and what is happening is nothing short of amazing.

The force of my Jing seems to be powering up my lower three chakras, giving me a stronger sense of self and stronger personal energy. My Chi is flowing so strongly that my Bagua is becoming more powerful. People who see me tell me that my eyes are shining brightly. I am feeling much more male (not really more “masculine,” since I am still more interested in men than in women, but more male, more yang), yet at the same time there seems to be some balancing of my yang and yin energies to give me greater inner harmony and thus increased vitality and power. I feel stronger, more powerful, more invincible, like I have greater deeper roots and a more solid core.

And this seems natural. One happy side effect of the male practice is that the male organ of generation gradually becomes longer and thicker. Lujan says that the size and girth of a man’s penis is directly related to his physical and energetic strength. The greater they are, the more stamina one has. Well, I can attest that even after a mere two months of intermittent practice, physical growth is becoming noticeable, and my physical stamina and strength also seem to be increasing.

I have not had any physical ailments since starting, and even long-term problems like asthma seem to be improving. Of course, all that is helped and magnified by my practice of Ling Kong Jing, especially as I perform either Opening the Tao, the Golden Lotus, or Dragon’s Tears—or some combination of them—every day as well.

I have learned—so far—how to use more self-regulation in my sexual nature, and am even learning how to enjoy sexual activity without physical release—being careful to keep the Wild Horse reined in. But that is just one small aspect of what is taking place. Within my body, the lower energies (Jing and Chi) seem to be more easily and more harmoniously joining together to combine into Shen. (The ancient Egyptians would talk about the union of the Ka and the Ba to produce the Akh, The Shining One—the transfigured spirit that became as a god.) I am not a Taoist immortal yet, but the possibility of a longer, healthier life seems to be looming on the horizon. . . . But for now, the transformation is just beginning, and it is most exciting.

This self-regulation I am employing is also applying itself, almost automatically, to every aspect of my life: I find that I am taking more charge of watching what and when I eat, and how and how often I exercise, and how I interact with myself, my partner, and with others. Working in a city where I am constantly bombarded by the thought-forms and auras of 40 million people had made me close-hearted to those around me, unless they were good friends. Not really a bad practice—but it closed off my heart, as if in an iron cage.

One other good effect of Primordial Shen Gong is that I am learning how to keep an open heart but still be unaffected by all the psychic debris swirling around me, much like a pure white lotus blossom emerges clean and pure from muddy waters. Believe me, I am not there yet; I am no bodhisattva of compassion yet; but compared with before, I feel safer and more open and have much more compassion for those around me, with a deeper understanding of where they are coming from and where I am.

If anyone had told me ahead of time that these kinds of effects would blossom as a result of doing the Sexual Cultivation Practice, I would never have believed it. But, in addition to adding a profound depth to my other Lo Ban Pai practices, it has also enhanced my energy on all levels, and also given me greater clarity and insight on a spiritual level.


I have been studying Lo Ban Pai with Lujan now for a few years, and everything I have learned has been life-transforming. The Lo Ban Pai movements are incredible, true gems, but the real teaching comes during the conversations, and during the silence. The same is also true with this Sexual Cultivation Practice.

There are some pre-requisites for studying this course, but I am not sure what they are. I do know, however, that each student has to be chosen or approved by Lujan. For some younger people, the fires are already too high and there is a danger that the unbridled Wild Horse would drag them—and those around them—down, but Lujan explained all of this to me in detail during the training and very clearly outlined how to read to danger signs and what remedial action to take.

I highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to learn this practice with Lujan do whatever it takes to make it possible. In the meantime, it is just my own personal opinion that Lujan’s teachings on the Three Treasures would be immensely useful for anyone, especially those interested in Primordial Shen Gong. I believe this so firmly that I am already signed up for the Three Treasures Workshop Retreat on Koh Samui in April 2018. Perhaps this would be a wonderful first step into the mysteries of the Three Treasures for any who are interested in pursuing this powerful secret practice.

Thank you, Lujan, for your teaching and your love. The world is a better place for having you in it.

With much love and gratitude,

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