Testimonial – Lo Ban Pai: Introductory Consolidation

The Study Program:

Lujan creates the consolidation study program based on the practitioners requirements and previous study. He mentioned that there are 5 versions of each Lo Ban Pai set he teaches. The weeks training program involved studying the Ling Kong Jing versions of Windlock System and Awakening The Energy Body. Ling Kong Jing is the energy practice version of the Lo Ban Pai System. The new forms access information through transdimensional matter which is eighty-five percent larger than our current energy field.

We also worked through aspects of the Sexual Cultivation program which I was not expecting. The parts of the program we worked through were based on revealing internal programming and the physical body but did not in anyway involve exposing the body. Lujan emphasised the significance of careful and safe practice of this set and clearly described how this is done. His approach to teaching this set was professional and I felt comfortable for the duration of the study. He ensured I had the right information noted down and was approachable for any questions I had in the days following on from that part of the training.

The Personal Account:

We began with the Ling Kong Jing version of Windlock System. This version was enjoyable to learn and the spiralling and circular motions were very engaging. I struggled a little with coordination of certain moves that at first seemed complex but after some practice became easier. The amount of work involved seemed daunting but after a few days I could see that once the system was remembered it would take less time to practice that I initially thought. This was the same for Awakening The Energy body which was taught at the end of the weeks study.

Lujan spoke of his approach to his training and how he had applied himself in various ways over the course of his life to stay training. Those inspiring accounts made me realise how lazy I could be if given the chance and at the same time showed me that if you need to do something you can find a solution even if it involves great commitment. Lujan instructed me on adapting the structure of my home practice to accommodate what i had learnt. He advised on how to space out the forms and the importance of creating a routine in order to remember everything. The new versions of the forms felt more engaging with the energy around the body.

In the middle of revising those two sets we looked at the Sexual Cultivation set. It’s only now while writing the testimonial that I can see internal aspects of this program had been explored over the entire two weeks sessions. As previously mentioned Lujan taught with the required approach to ensure that I felt comfortable.

Having began the week with the realisations of the last training program it was a challenging starting point. Lujan had commented that I was not truly connected to my heart. I noticed I was closed and lacking the compassion I needed and this was magnified during my study. It was Lujan’s true compassion and kindness that gave me a reference point to see what I wasn’t.

Each act of kindness left me with a feeling of discomfort. He gave generously and lovingly to highlight greed and showed kindness and compassion which reflected my bitterness and resentment. Initially I thought it was tough to be around him until I realised it was tough to be around myself. He simply reflected back to me what I was doing.

Lujan spoke of the importance of ethics which brought my focus to my morals and it was clear I needed to get myself together to be integral in all areas of my life. Company, companionship and friendships came up in conversation. Lujan said you can’t face a snake with poison by your side, or that poison would turn on you to finish the snake’s kill. That could be the internal dialogue or another person. If there is two of you inside then you are dangerous. I could see where I had let relationships slip and where I could have done more to be there for those that are around me and having more belief in those people.

I presented problems to myself rather than solutions and supported those limitations by setting up my life in a way that magnified those seemingly un-jumpable hurdles. During discussion Lujan provided simple solutions to everything I spoke and that highlighted my limited mindset. Those discussions have broadened my outlook on what is possible and the physical aspect of my personal training will remind me each day that solutions can easily be found. This has brought a clearer more positive mindset for business and has inspired new ideas. Nothing is as hard as I have been trained to think it is.

During reflection on our discussions I realised that my social programming doesn’t question my environment and the information around me. I could see that at times I agreed with Lujan even when I could not see or feel what he described and in cases it did not even exist. During the training his approach highlighted my attempts to socialise and he reflected back at me what I was doing. Often it wasn’t until I had left the sessions or later in the week that I could see what had happened. I became anxious and at times panicked as I realised the truth of what I was up to. I was struggling to deal with what I was feeling.

Lujan applies non judgement to his teachings and I felt this as I arrived each day for the session which quickly diffused emotion and allowed the sessions to start properly. Every morning I would make elaborate negative exaggerations as I got to work on trying to work everything out. We discussed this aspect of my programming and I could see it was sneaky and insane behaviour. My desperate attempt to find conclusion was to ensure I could get my plans into place to stay hidden. Lujan confronted the part of my programming that was trying to escape.

The challenge made me look to the door on numerous occasions and over the course of an intense 24 hour period, all of which was a result of my inflamed internal dialogues self pity, set up and array of social meetings with friends back home where I could discuss how hard done by I was and gain emotion comfort from them to stop me moving forward in my life. This was part of me putting off what I needed to do which was to get my ethics into place and find my momentum with my training.

On the last day Lujan said he knew exactly what I had been plotting. His confrontation of my doings made me realise I had to stay strong in myself. He shut all doorways for my escape by revealing what I hadn’t even done yet. He spoke about what he could see I had done since my last visit with my training practice and my personal life including what relationships I had brought back into my life and why I had done that. On all accounts he was right and it was what I needed to hear.

He stated that I needed to drop the competitiveness. I then recalled incidences back home while with friends and at work where I could have applied myself more appropriately. Self righteous and too sure of myself when actually I was the opposite, and the opposite is totally fine so why should I pretend to be something different. Lujan reminded me that to be in your personal power is to be vulnerable and speak from that vulnerability. That is a challenging place to be. If all the that bad stuff is eradicated then the real me emerges.

The movements of the sets I learnt over the trip had embedded in them all of what I needed to do in my personal life. On the whole the training reduced my self importance and reminded me that I must live a simple existence.

I would highly recommend on going study and training with Lujan to anyone who is looking for empowering self development and a physical personal practice that unlocks doorways to ones true path.

John Barber
London, UK

To further elaborate on John’s account, all the  forms in Lo Ban Pai draw on trans-dimensional antimatter which is eighty five percent larger than our three-dimensional reality, in terms of increasing the gravity that one can experience through the spiraling vortexes that manifest the doorway to the magnetism created through the forms that I have taught my students.  The Ling Kong Jing versions – which are part of the consolidation programs – speed up the process of one’s personal evolution.

Once the gravity gains amassment, one’s personal power changes, in essence drawing the metaphoric line in the sand. When one crosses over there is no way back. This is where one’s moral perspective becomes universal ethics, which can be difficult for the socialized mindset to comprehend. Within this process a human being really becomes an earthling; a virtual universal conduit.

At this stage many people have difficulty coming to terms with making the fundamental changes from the socialized characteristics to an impersonal approach that is full of compassion and understanding beyond the measures of the dogmatic mind. But nevertheless I have faith in everybody to make this leap so as to awaken the seer within that will appear in all things experienced. I have written about this in Whisperings of the Dragon.

We all have virtually no choice but to live beyond our present paradigm.

Lujan Matus

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