Testimonial: Small Mountain Consolidation

The Practice:
Small Mountain is the final of a three part set that also includes The Jaguar and Three Treasures. Once all have been learnt they are practiced as one set. The focus of the Ling Kong Jing version that Lujan taught is on circular and spiralling formations interwoven into figure eights that energise and open specific energy centres in and around the physical body making it an energy practice rather than a martial form. Many of these energy centres have never been activated and opened before. This causes physical and psychological detoxification that occur in unison with one another. It’s easy to feel displaced and confused as whatever change is needed occurs. Once these gateways have been cleared and opened space is revealed for human awareness to grow into.

The physical energy centres become noticeably opened and enlivened to communicate with the environment. Like a beacon the human body becomes alert to whatever is approaching regardless of its intention. The warning of oncoming danger, intention or focus can be felt just as much as kindness and love. When the heart is cleared an awakened it is easy to navigate with the bodies feelings.

It is common place to have revealing and intense realisations about ones life path as the past, present and future become exposed in numerous ways to assist growth.

Personal Account:
The training was immediately heavy on my liver and kidneys and this was before the physical aspect had begun. I felt deep aches and nausea and could feel a serpent energy spiralling from my lower energy centres through my body and out of my right eye. Physical detoxification took no time to begin and once we began practicing the first movement I felt exhausted and unwell. Lujan pressed firmly on me and I could feel energy and sensations I was not familiar with through previous study. Lujan was different, significant change was clearly noticeable. Energetically more powerful, upfront and at times confronting but not agressive. My physicality appeared differently, at times challenged, tired and sick and at others kinder and composed. Lujan commented on my appearance as the training got going. Once we began working through the movements I began to feel the stress build. The Ling Kong Jing aspect of the form was unlocking physical blockages, toxins and weakness’ as well as negative aspects of my personality.

The set challenged my awareness and I became confused while practicing with and without Lujan as I struggled to learn the movements. I felt like I was lacking vital energy and my personal practice each morning became physically exhausting as I continued detox. Lujan noticed my struggles and facilitated the training to safely accommodate the journey. He watched me closely and during discussion communicated the truths of who I was and my actions in a way that exposed me before I could recognise it.

It took me a few days to gathering momentum in the study and this allowed me to open up more. Lujan allowed nothing to escape and soon enough I felt a pressing on my heart to begin talking about my realisations. Lujan provided a safe environment for me to open up as I felt strongly that I needed to drop my doings from my personal life. It was clear the detox revealed those doings physically and within my attempts to hide behind socialisation and emotion. Everything felt closely related.

Lujan seemed one step ahead and often had prepared fruit that my body needed or altered the training to suit. He had said that the training was going to be tough on me and I certainly felt it. I trusted his approach and he facilitated an environment for me to arrive where I needed to be.

Time seemed to wander off and it was striking to to see that time had hardly passed after what had seemed like a days training. Lujan showed clearly that time and physicality can be influenced.

During and after training I began to feel significant physical sensations on and around the body, in particular my feet and face. During the night my energy field would become awakened and I often awoke experiencing circular rotations upon circular rotations around my lower dantien. I slept heavy but not well each night for 9 hours, still having to force myself out of bed in the morning. Lujans focus was felt while away from training and that pressure combined with the Small Mountain movements brought everything to the surface.

The second half of the week brought tough truths out. My realisation was that I had not acted appropriately in areas of my personal life. Lujan waited for me to open up and provided guidance when necessary. My social self attempted to hide my truths and I had to find courage to speak out.

I laid in bed with a feeling of sadness and disappointment. Lujan encouraged non engagement with emotions and simply said to drop it. We discussed self importance and he pointed to what I was doing with those realisations so I could stop perpetuating a negative mindset. Lujan pressed when needed and gently guided at times when I needed to lighten up. Soon enough he had me giggling and I felt lighter and free from where I was trapping myself in my emotional internal dialogue. There is in no way any judgement from him and I really felt that at times when I was low.

The movements of the set were very powerful and as well as unlocking my personal dilemmas it opened up an awareness of our physical and energetic communication. Feeling altered and having visual experiences is common when Lujan and the movements open up the energy body. The set shows that there is so much more that we can feel within our energetics that we are currently aware of. It pointed me to aspects of my physicality and subtle communications that I had either not been aware of at all or can only feel and not yet understand. It is fascinating to witness how Lujan communicates and how his energetics work with the world at large. The empty power of impeccability and integrity is truly experience when in his presence.

Aside of the internal personal journey we had open discussions about important issues surrounding detoxing and becoming more aware of the dangers in our surroundings. People, intentions, chemicals and other toxins where amongst the issues that are fundamental in our development and well being. Lujan pointed out that shamanism has always been about the core aspects of human awareness and survival. In the rainforest, a shaman would advise on the dangers of the environment; healthy nutritious food sources, natural medicine, poisons, dangerous predators and how to proceed aware and safely. Inner silence would have been essential. It is no different to the urban jungles that most of us live in today. Those same dangers are present and as a species we are all responsible for taking action to retain our safety and well being. The world is dangerous and challenging and we are not told the truth about what we are subject to. Our programming is to accept what is in front of us. I could see where I have been too accepting and complacent and recognised where significant improvement could be made to eradicate many hazards from my personal space. Those topics are so vital finding our physical and mental freedom.

When I first met Lujan I had an idea of what I wanted. Instead he’s shown me what I need. The week left me reminded of the importance of being integral on my path. I hope to find more of my heart and I know that I have a practice that can support that on going quest.

London, UK

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