Dear Lujan,

It was less than 6 months ago that you introduced me to this wonderful practice of Walking the Tao and Dragon’s Tears. It seems to me that our meeting continues unfurling itself by delivering me to these incredible places of appreciation and understanding.

One such unfolding presented itself very clearly last night. I was sitting in a beautiful meditation space with a couple of friends, who had prepared a lovely playlist of meditative soundscapes to accompany our evening at candlelight. My meditation was on ‘the power of waiting’ as it seemed relevant to the state my life is in at the moment. As I sat on my cushion on the floor and closed my eyes, the first moment of deliverance arrived, right in front of my third eye. I saw the perfect flowering of a beautiful white water lily opening as it rotated onto itself and moved upwards. This was immediately followed by a second perfect flowering of a pink water lily – this also opened while rotating onto itself and moving upwards.

As I observed these flowers appearing and disappearing, I felt a huge amount of heat in my hands, which were resting – left over right – on my lower dantien, and in my heart centre – it burnt so strongly that it truly felt like fire! I was just observing without ‘interpreting’ any of it… and I felt a sense of naturalness in the whole unfolding and in my being.

While this was happening in a place that felt “inside” me, the meditative soundscape continued in the background “outside” – although the boundary between out-there and in-here started to blur at this point. I continued sitting for a while longer, when this soaring piece of music started playing. I enjoyed it thoroughly and actually, I enjoyed so much that I, somehow, decided that this must have been marking the closing of our meditative journey.

This “decision” was a precious moment – I stopped waiting for the next piece of music! And yet to my surprise, another piece of music followed. And in the space between the two pieces, I stopped waiting. In this pause, what I had been waiting for was delivered.

I was presented with a 3D image of a galaxy spinning in a vortex to fall onto itself and then opening into a wider and greater space beyond. That was only a brief moment, but it contained so much. In that moment, I realised that I had been waiting for it for months without really acknowledging this waiting to myself. I had been waiting – more precisely, expecting – for this to happen since we spoke about it during my training a few months. And of course, it never did happen while waiting for it.

This waiting was loaded with expectation and my need for validation – when I see the stars spinning, I will know I have “achieved something”, I will have “ticked a special box.” The very moment I surrendered my waiting, the stars swirled into their cosmic dance naturally, the next piece of beautiful music played for my heart naturally and I felt the ephemeral embrace of waiting without waiting, naturally.

I feel you planted the seed for this ephemeral flower. I now understand that I was impatiently waiting to see its petals unfurl and feel the softness of its caress but I had to stop waiting to experience this beauty naturally. For me right now, this is a most profound place to be delivered to and I want to thank you for entrusting my heart with such precious seeds.

With so much gratitude and love.

The movements that I have given to Monnie are now integrated in every form that I teach within Lo Ban Pai. These movements open up the lower dantien capacity to be universally connected to the crown chakra. Thus allowing the eyes to see a rotational vortex of universal proportions.

I have only recently introduced these movements because human consciousness was not capable of comprehending because of the deep-seated programming within our world community. I believed that the year 2012 would have been the most appropriate time but I saw that it wasn’t time to proceed. Now that there are more people practising Lo Ban Pai it is now easier to impart more complexities because of the collective consciousness of my students combining as one. When people learn new forms I will attempt, if there is enough time, to update their forms. This is one of the many reasons why I introduced the consolidation programs, so that everyone can have the chance to repeat and not only update but perfect the movements they have learned.

Everything sings with a frequency. All the movements of Lo Ban Pai sing a frequency that calls the cosmos to turn and listen to itself through our gestures. It is a crucial time in our history. We are now being beckoned to connect beyond the small framework of our limited consciousness as human beings to a galactic arena of events.

It is obvious that we are not alone on this planet. So many beings resonate frequencies that we are failing to connect to and by not doing so there is mass extinction occurring because of this. These beings have not left because they are making a choice to depart because of us. They are dying because of our ignorance and incapacity to realize that our world and cosmos is sensitive on many levels within dimension.

I have had extensive contact with transdimensional beings and two other extra-terrestrial life forms, which can be perceived when the lower dantien’s vortex is opened. The first indication that this is occurring is that one will see our galaxy rotating in front of our very eyes, encapsulating everything that is, will be and has been. I experience this myself as seeing this cluster of stars moving in a circular fashion that takes only two minutes to view, yet reveals a full 26,000 year rotation within that time span, as has Monnie Gi now.

What will occur with you Monnie, eventually you will see beings peering down through this circular vortex, as if you were looking from the vantage point of being at the bottom of a well, looking toward the sky. This is how they initiate contact at this moment in time to those individuals who wish to go beyond the insular perspective of the belief that we are alone in this corner of the universe, or the outskirts of our milky way.

It is now four years after the year 2012 so we can now rationally consider that somehow we are four years behind what is meant to happen, yet on the precipice of our own self-destruction via our carelessness, in terms of our guardianship of this planet.

In the next workshop of the Golden Lotus I will be teaching the advanced methods of this form that will encompass these rotational movements that influence the lower dantien. It is now time and every individual who comes and sees me will be given movements that match their frequencies.

I wish beyond this point that everyone would take into strong consideration eating organic food and becoming vegan and possibly totally fruitarian, so as to heighten one’s biological sensitivity, so as to become aware of what we should and shouldn’t be doing because of this. Beware of all products that have chemicals in them. Everything that you buy, attempt to obtain organic products, so as to tilt the world towards a natural and supportive attitude towards our environment.

We cannot sustain ourselves in the way that we are anymore. As a collective humanity we must forge forward, unified so that we can progress towards a literal cosmic consciousness. One that will be found within meditation and withing our waking activities. This frequency will permeate, extending itself as a loving consciousness towards the cosmos that ill open up our world view towards our transdimensional capabilities. A consciousness that is full to the brim with caring for others more than oneself, yet this leads to absolute nurturing for everybody.

This will happen via the opening of our capacity to understand that we have technologies that have been withheld for over eighty years, that when released, will bring us back to being within harmony with everything that is revealing itself to us. We have to move beyond our petrochemical paradigm.

To reiterate, the beings that I have been in contact with are not of this planet, yet this statement isolates us as separate. We are of one awareness and this is the best way to state it, because by saying we are one mind it pays into the program of individuality that cannot go beyond its limitations via its programmed edifice. These beings are beautiful, loving and caring and we need to, with all conscientiousness move towards a universal future of peace and harmony.

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