Don Lujan Matus has opened my eyes allowing me to see, quite clearly, who I really am and what has prevented me from being in touch with this person I so strongly yearned for since I was a child.

The moment I began to speak with don Lujan for the first time I became hypersensitive. My mind began to satiate with visual imagery and internal dialogue which I kept within for as long as I can remember.

My head was pounding as my consciousness was flooded with possible avenues that our conversation may have taken. It was as if something within was throwing all of my unresolved life’s experienced to the surface to be examined and dealt with.

Don Lujan then said to me, that through my voice he was going to journey within. In five minutes of our first parley he hit the source of much of my life’s insecurities. He so gently questioned my past and I began to converse with him concerning issues I thought I would take to the grave reticently.

The morning after our first meeting I stood outside and experienced a total freedom. Something was really gone, I felt within as if I was now free, free to experience the depth and non-linearity of being human. A strong imprint had been dissolved.

The way Don Lujan works is awe-inspiring. He is so gentle, so kind. He created a friendship with me. I could feel his caring. He allowed me to be totally liberated with him. In today’s world we cant always express ourselves, our truth, because of the consequences which may bear upon us. Don Lujan allowed me to be free from the impertinent views of society.

This positive backing I lacked throughout my childhood, even within the supposed security of my own home.

I had many questions concerning various aspects of my personal life, the path with heart, living like a warrior, etc. Questions I was never able to make sense of. Lujan was clear in his approach.

I learned to witness my own growth from a non-intrusive, non-judgmental perspective. The changes I witnessed during my association with Lujan have been profound. He has somehow pushed me into third gear.

And now I laugh. I laugh till tears roll down my face. A dark veil has been lifted from my consciousness. I feel love permeating through every inch of my being. And now, without restriction I will journey free, buoyant, to experience all of a mans lot.

And to understand this profound joy, a new lust for life, and to connect it to another mans time… … Words are not enough. There is nothing I could ever say, nothing I will ever do, that would truly show my powerful love and admiration for Don Lujan Matus.

You are clearing peoples burdens, healing the world, one person at a time. I think about how splendid it would be to fall asleep at night knowing this, I am flooded with joyful emotional, love. Thank You is not enough, for you I give all of my gratitude.

Las Vegas