As we morph to other dimensions/vibrational existence, it seems that our bodies are like a thermometer as a guidance system used to indicate what to eat, sleep, pain, truth, perceptions, etc. Experiencing deep feelings of being very drawn to light/higher vibrations (all love) especially the sun and moon.

Could it be that eating maybe just another program that needs to be eliminated?

This program of dependence of survival on 3rd dimension food stuff seems is very deep within our cellular level.

Feel that the intelligence of the body and the heart intelligence must be merged to complete this phase of awareness, but also feel a belief system blockage that I cannot seem to find within to change or eliminate.

Is this the physical brain getting in the way?

Know that my body is giving messages, but not always sure of the direction to take. Sometimes it is best to ask a trusted teacher than to just keep going in circles and getting dizzy (smile). There is so much mixing of truth/deceit in our information available and ask for your guidance knowing that what shall be returned will be the truth in love and wisdom.


It is true that we are vibrational beings and that in a lot of cases the conditioned response to consumption of food has deep roots within our base feelings of security. This is a very long, arduous journey to embark upon when almost all apparently credible sources of information are nothing but disinformation.

Fruit and vegetables in abundance in terms of 90 percent fruit and 10 percent vegetables are the key to our evolutionary process in relation to discovering the vibrational essence of our higher selves coming to the surface via upheaval, which can be seen as a healing crisis or internal awakening towards one’s individual physical disposition. This will always be the primary focus of each individual’s journey when it comes to cleansing and purifying the physical system. This process now is more difficult than ever because of all the modern influences and the gross and subtle variables of chemical pollutants within our world.

To answer your question, an incredible journey can be taken through going into deep reservoirs of vibrational frequencies deep within one’s feeling centers. These pathways can be opened up merely by just eating fruit and the right herbal botanicals to eliminate toxins and also assist in strengthening the connective elements of all of our organ energies.

This is not an easy journey if one is prepared to fully take a leap of faith via the fact that our body is in control of the process by virtue of us eating more purely. Then there is the “you” that watches while the whole transformation takes place. That beingness that realizes its own limitations and vulnerabilities via this process is simultaneously then strengthened by experiencing the discipline necessary for change to occur.

Be brave and strong enough to forge your way forward. The practices of Lo Ban Pai support this, for the essential nature of one’s biosphere depends upon the power of food for the true power of one’s body to manifest. Also the site Raw Food Solution is there for those of you who wish to go deeper into this journey.

Eating foods which bury oneself in comfort is something that must be looked at as a program. So eating the wrong foods – yes – is just that; a very deep element that needs to be observed through breaking those routines. Not in a state of fanaticism, but to know that truly what holds something stationary may feel safe when in the refuge of everything that surrounds the sustaining force that is the programmed edifice of family and society. Remember this is contingent upon the awareness of the country that one is born in.

All things must be touched upon with enough substantial fortitude to know that one’s essential beliefs must be suspended to discover the truths of oneself in comparison to the all-engulfing factors that surround the truth of the lies that bind us all to the three-dimensional matrices that we all need to forge beyond into our true inherent nature, which is trans-dimensional in terms of the future implications of us being simply aware of the fact that we need to progress as human beings.

So be strong and know that you are maybe just experiencing upheaval because of just a cleaner diet and be strengthened by the fact that your vulnerability is really where your power is sustained. Sometimes this can be difficult because our societies all around the world are still predatorial by nature. Kindness and love must rise to affect those who are in control of our destinies so that their vulnerability and love can flow down so we all may find ourselves sustained within a place we all must be to evolve beyond the current dilemma we find ourselves in as human beings on this planet and beyond.

Love and kindness is the key.

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